A Moment in Chanel


There aren’t that may times when I get to wear head to toe Chanel, much less VINTAGE Chanel (which happens to be my personal favorite). As much as I prefer to completely style myself, I absolutely LOVE working with other stylists, because I feel that different creative minds working together only make for something even more spectacular. Fashion is boundless, and it should always be fun.

Fashion is boundless, and it should always be fun.Stassi

I normally gravitate towards the same types of looks, but when I work with other stylists, I’m encouraged to try things that aren’t in my safety zone, and I think that is so important. I’ve surrounded myself with some great stylists who have such a great eye, but also allow me to dress myself (I can’t help myself, I plead guilty to bossiness… but hey, I know what I like!) My girl Audrey and I went to the Sormeh Lifestyle studio loft in the Arts District in DTLA, and lets just say my mind was blown. NOTHING BUT GORGEOUS EXQUISITE VINTAGE EVERYTHING. We decided to take this Chanel skirt, and turn it around backwards to show off some leg and give it a bit of sex appeal. The stunning emerald & pearl brooch was actually part of a belt, but we thought it would be way more creative to attach it to the Chanel halter top. There is nothing that makes me happier than breaking the typical fashion rules, whether you are turning a jacket into a blouse, wearing something backwards or even using a crown as an understated headband, etc.

I loathe rules, and I TOTES don’t believe in fashion rules.

Photography: Taylor Donohue
In collaboration with: Audrey Brianne

Top, skirt, brooch: Chanel c/o Lunss Lifestyle | Heels: Saint Laurent | Rings: Nialaya & Sormeh Lifestyle

  1. Stassi you are absolutely stunning. One of my favourite looks. You remind me of Lana Turner. You have this old Hollywood polish that I havent seen in awhile. Its very refreshing. Everything in this post is seamless. ❤️Kelly

    1. Absolutely stunning!!! Great pics and gorgeous angles on all your looks! Complete!!!

  2. Woahhh this has got to be my fav look! Beautiful classy & sexy all in one. Always admired your style from vanderpump rules season 1! You should add fashion on your podcast, although we can’t see it, talk to us about what clothes/accessories you’ve been wearing or into lately!!!

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous Stassi! Love your fashion sense and creativity

  4. You truly are one of the most gorgeous girls! Plleeease keep at it with the blog, because really you are incredibly stylish, down to every detail. Out of everyone in VDP Rules, youuu are the loveliest! K thas all!

  5. K this is perfect from head to toe. Love your creativity and sense of fashion!

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