Hey Colby,

First off – can you please be my best friend? Um, that subject line is GOLD. (Second, and totally unrelated, you have really good hair.) Ok, there are so many questions I have for you!! The answer to the best place to live in LA really depends on your lifestyle and what is important to you. Automatically, when you say you’re in a relationship of 6 years, I think, “go to the Westside.”

Personally, I love West Hollywood because all of my friends live here and we’re in a mile radius of each other (and we’ve been going to the same bars for forever) so it feels like home. But if Weho wasn’t already home, I don’t necessarily know if I’d pick it…

As always, I feel like I need more info to give you a TRUE recommendation BUT I want to answer this for you (and for all the other Khaleesi’s who ask me this question!) so I’m gonna give you my Official LA-Transplant City Guide cool?

Disclaimer: This is not an accurate depiction of people who live in these places, it’s simply my (sometimes sarcastic) take on each city around town in no particular order.


silverlake - stassi city guide

First thought: Fucking FAR. Silverlake can be a ton of fun but you’ll run into people there who are totally over the Hollywood and Weho scene and they’re ALL hipsters. (But they don’t call themselves hipsters because we all know the #1 rule of being a hipster is never admitting you’re a hipster). Whatever. I’d say hipsters are a little cliquier and judgey than the people you’ll meet in Hollywood… but they don’t think they are. So there’s that.

Rent wise, Silverlake is cheaper than Weho and it’s filled with older, super charming buildings. I love that type of building – but some people like modern/upgraded, apartments in huge complexes like Park La Brea. So it just depends on your style!

I don’t care how nice the apartment is, I need to just quickly be able to pull into my parking spot and get to my apartment. Non of this huge complex shit.


Los Feliz

Also far, but I actually would not mind living there! Los Feliz has an old Hollywood vibe with very charming apartments and amazing restaurants/shops along Vermont and Hillhurst. The people there just seem genuinely chill and polite… maybe being on that side of the hill calms you down? Or they’re all high? Who knows.

Rent wise, I’m not sure what apartments go for there, but I’m guessing it would be comparable to a Culver City rent for a nice place.



hollywood - stassi city guide

Aka Hollywierd. Don’t go there. Don’t move there. I repeat, Don’t live there. I’ve lived in Hollywood before and I’d never recommend it to anyone. It’s the worst. It’s busy, it’s dirty, you can’t park anywhere. There’s always traffic. There’s always tourists. Just don’t do it… I mean unless you’re 18 and going out clubs and into that kind of thing. That’s the only time it’s fun. When you’re 18. And even then, it’s still not fun. Clear? Good.



Nope. Again, totally my opinion but Koreatown is only a good decision when you don’t make a lot of money, but you still want your own place sans roommates and safety isn’t top of mind.

Just saying.


Miracle Mile

When Jax and I broke up, I moved into a 4-plex in Miracle Mile and I loved it for finding a place that’s charming and older. It was the best apartment ever but you couldn’t really walk anywhere which was a big con on the pro/con list.

Rent is super competitive there because you can find some really great hidden deals, but again you have to have a car and your walkable restaurant/bar options are not as plentiful as if you lived in…



weho - stassi city guide

Clearly, Weho is my favvvve. West Hollywood is my home. You can walk everywhere. If you don’t want to walk, because let’s be real, I’m lazy AF, you can take the shortest ride ever to get where you need to go.

As far as the people go, you’ll see the same type of person at all the same places but if you have a good close group of friends (your bestie is in Weho, right?!), then it doesn’t matter that you’re dealing with those cheesy people. It’s also the epicenter of the city for big events like Halloween and Gay Pride.

Here’s the real deal on rent – it’s high. Because it’s packed with the best restaurants and bars, and (I’m biased) the best people, rent can be steep. Living with your boyfriend or a roommate may be the way to go if you’re concerned about money.


Culver City

culver - stassi city guide

Colby, I actually think Culver City might be your city! If you move to Culver City, you can get a super nice place – maybe even a small house with a yard. It’s a little further south but it’s still central and close enough for an easy commute to your boyfriend’s job in Santa Monica.

Downtown Culver City is cute and filled with lots of restaurants. You can find fun nightlife and cool people there. It’s super up-and-coming and new places are popping up all the time. It might be a really cool spot for you to settle in now before it becomes the new trendy locale!


Santa Monica

Ok, I’ll level with you. Santa Monica is super nice but I personally feel like it’s super quiet and the rent is high for a young person just moving to LA. The only reason I think it may be a good fit for you is because of your boyfriend’s job location.

Like I said before, you say you’re in a relationship for 6 years, I think “go to the Westside” for sure – and Santa Monica is one of the nicest cities on that side of town!

The Promenade is a fun spot with some staple stores (hello, Zara!) but Santa Monica also has some adorable areas like Montana Street and upper Wilshire with great restaurants. And overall the people aren’t terrible 😉


West LA/Brentwood

Moving a little more central but still westside is West LA or Brentwood. I feel like it’s still really quiet there, but you can walk places depending on where you are — if that’s important to you! (Again, totally need more info for a certain recommendation. But giving you all the pros/cons!)

Added bonus: I bet it’s filled with awesome couples just like you and your bf! (I mean, it has that reputation for a reason, right?)



venice - stassi city guide

Last but not least. Venice. Here’s what I can say about Venice. Love Abbott Kinney for shopping and eating. And as a single girl in Venice, you’ll find a lot of cool tech guys. But tech guys that are gonna rail and bail. Sooooo… Pass 😉


Good luck, Colby!
xx Stassi

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