#ASKSTASSI: Black or Taupe Stuart Weitzman OTK Boots?

Hey Heather,

THANK YOU for asking this question because people ask me about my OTK boots ALL the time! I am RIDE OR MOTHERFUCKING DIE with Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots. I tried a couple other styles – flat and smaller heel – but I found that the flat ones didn’t do anything for me and the small heel was actually less comfortable than Highlands, which have about a 3.5 inch heel.

As far as colors go, it really depends on what your wardrobe consists of!! I wish I could see your closet before recommending! Let’s go through the colors:

stassi schroeder shop ootd 55


I have Highland boots in black, but I rarely wear them because I have so much black in my closet. However, if you wear a lot of colors, you should totally purchase the black boots because black goes with everything. Black is also a great starter color because they can be dressed up or down super easily.

stassi schroeder shop ootd 54


I wear my taupe Highland boots more than any other color — BUT they get dirty way faster than the darker colors, which can be a pain. Most of the time, they’re my go to’s because they are classy and go best with my wardrobe. I recently shared some of my favorite looks with Who What Wear – so you should check that out to get outfit ideas! 🙂

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Do you think you’d wear them more at night or during the day? What do your clothes look like? Give me more details! There’s so much that goes into color decisions. (I hate myself lol). If I had to give you my second choice, I’d say go with gray. Gray also goes with pretty much everything.

At the end of the day, I love camel/beige EVERYTHING because I just think it’s classy and classy people look like they have their shit together. Which is what we all strive for, right?

Make sure you check out Who What Wear and shop my favorite OTK boots! And Khaleesis, please send me a picture when you get your very own pair! I’d LOVE to see how you style them!

Good luck Heather!
Xx Stassi

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