Hi Lisa,

Before I answer your questions about my breast reduction and lift, I have to tell you – I get you girl. Those National Geographic boobs are a pain in the ASS – and honestly, getting a breast reduction was the best fucking decision I’ve ever made in my life. I would 100% recommend it to anyone who is even considering it! Now onto your questions…

What kind of incision did you get?

I got an Inverted-T breast reduction so there’s a line from my nipple down to the bottom of my breast then another line that follows underneath the breast fold. It looks similar to an anchor or like an upside-down T. Additionally, my nipples were bigger, so my doctor redid them to make them smaller now…. (again, best decision EVER).

What should I look for in a surgeon?

My mom did a ton of research on every doctory and yelpy site she could find and she narrowed it down to 3 surgeons. The one I ended up choosing was Dr. Firouz in Beverly Hills. Out of the three, he was the most expensive option but he was also no bullshit, which I really appreciated and very professional. In general, if I feel like I’m being sold something or that someone’s trying to woo me with magic tricks, I automatically think to myself, “Don’t do it!”

It’s like what people say when they’re picking out a wedding dress, when you know, you know!!

I am really feelings/intuition based and I feed off of the energy in the room (which sounds so hippie but it’s true). I trust my gut. When I met my doctor, I felt like he was straight up with me and just showed me what he could do… that’s why I picked him. So trust your gut, because you’ll know. And if you’re thinking of choosing a doctor in LA, definitely meet with Dr. Firouz for a consultation (and tell him Stassi recommended you!)

What was your recovery like?

My recovery was not as bad as I thought it would be, but it was way more intense than if you’d just gotten breast implants. My friends were shocked because even that first night after my surgery, they came over and we drank wine and I was fine. It’s definitely painful-ish… but it’s more uncomfortable than anything. The most annoying thing is having to sleep on your back and just waiting to feel normal again.

As far as scarring goes, my scars are still plain as day. If someone were to see me naked for the first time, they’d definitely ask what happened… but I was also lazy with scar cream, so there’s that.

Hah! I’m not active, we know this, but I was told (I didn’t ask) to wait 6 weeks before being active. Again, totally doesn’t matter in my case because I don’t work out but it was a cool excuse for me to be lazy! There is a lot of downtime so if you’re an active person, then it’s definitely something to think about!

Hope this helps you make your decision Lisa!

xx Stassi

  1. Thank you so much for your advice! A) it’s unbelievably cool that you answered my question
    B) I appreciate some real, no bs advice.

    This was so, so helpful! I’m feeling more confident about taking that plunge!

    Thanks again!

  2. That’s awesome! I also have been looking into it I’m 12F (I’m from NZ) everyone only talks bigger with getting boob jobs so happy to find this

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