Dear Kali –
First of all, happy birthday 🙂 Just so you know, my advice on this topic is bad advice. But, you asked, so here we go! You know NoDoz? Like the caffeine pills that Jessie Spano freaked out on during Saved By The Bell? (This might be too old for you, so here’s a reference)

Anyway, you can get them at any drug store and they will totally give you energy to hang during the day! The alternative is having a billion shots of espresso but that kind of rips my stomach apart so, if I were you and I knew I’d be day drinking, I would take like half a caffeine pill before (and yes, you only need a half!).

Successful day drinking also depends on WHAT you’re drinking. HERE’S A TIP: don’t drink wine during the day because it makes you fall asleep no matter what! So what should you drink then? Truthfully, I go through phases of favorite day drinks; these phases have included Bloody Mary’s, Margaritas, beer – but if you want to stay responsible when drinking during the day, I’d say choose any tequila-based cocktail 🙂 Because tequila won’t make you sleepy!

SMH (terrible advice. I’m sorry.)

Have fun Kali,
Xx Stassi

  1. Great advice! I have some old caffeine pills in my medicine cabinet. I’m going to try this! Love your honesty Stassi!

  2. Oh my god! I literally took NoDoz through middle school waaaaay too much. So bad but oh well lol.

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