Dear Emily,

This is such a tough question! Before I start rambling, *disclaimer* I’m new to all of this shit. I’m newly single in a world where we have to deal with Instagram and fucking Twitter and Facebook and whether “liking” something means something more. It’s a pain in my fucking ass… So I’m right there with you.

Drawing from my own experiences so far, I’ve noticed that when dudes lose interest in me, they stop liking my stuff. That’s a real thing. But you also have to ask yourself, “Is he liking other girls’ posts?” Maybe the way he works is that he doesn’t like girls’ posts but only likes his guy friends’ stuff. Maybe he does the OPPOSITE of what other dudes do… (obviously, I’m figuring this out as I’m talking through it).

Ok, all of that aside, I would go onto the “Following” tab in Instagram where you can see what your friends are commenting on and liking… and STALK HIM. See if he’s liking other girls’ photos. If he is, then there’s an issue*. But if he’s only liking other dudes’ photos, you’re golden.

*If he’s liking other girls’ photos… how the fuck do you handle that, Emily? Shit. I don’t know how to handle that. It’s such a weird conversation to have, like, “Hey, I stalked you enough to know that you’re liking other girls’ photos but not mine. Why?” Lolol yeaaaaah, you can’t have that conversation. At all. So if he’s liking other girls’ photos, I’d just stalk further — actually knowing me, I’d probably just like drunkenly explode in the middle of the night and scream at him, “WHY DONT YOU LIKE ANY OF MY PHOTOS!?” buuuut yeah. Maybe you can joke about it? Like cutely bring it up? I lied, that is never cute. Don’t do that. It’s a complicated world out there and it fucking sucks.

I honestly don’t know what to tell you. If he’s liking other girls’ photos on Instagram but not yours, you’re most likely fucked.


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