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Dear Nat,

I know you weren’t explicitly asking an Ask Stassi question, but I wanted to respond because I completely identify with how you’re feeling. Girl, that sucks. Seriously, THE WORST! I haven’t personally been in this situation in a really long time, but I’m here to say, I’ve been there. You’re not alone.

I think the last time I dealt with this kind of situation was in my early 20’s but now I feel like once the breakup has started – once I’m done with somebody – I just lose interest. I’m somebody that never goes back to an ex… I’m not into that… but I feel your pain. SO – I feel like we should devise a plan – a REVENGE SITUATION – to get back at this asshole for what he did.

Revenge 101: DUI

I’m NOT saying I give good advice – but if you really want to fuck with him and hurt him (because he deserves it), here’s an easy way. Does he drink and drive? Hopefully he does (hopefully he DOESN’T, but you know what I mean). The next time he goes out, stalk him enough to find out if he’s drinking and driving – follow him, write down his license plate, then call the cops and tell them you’re scared by this drunk driver. Boom, DUI. Easy.

Is he ACTUALLY responsible and not drinking and driving? You can still stage it. Just put an open container in his car, then call. *sarcasm*

Listen, revenge is fun… when it’s deserved.

But it sounds like he actually deserves it. He kinda reminds me of a guy I’m dating that I like to refer to as “I Think That Could Be Nice,” where he gives the worst responses ever. What a douche.

Good luck Natalie <3


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