Dear J,

Holy shit. That sucks ass. Ok, I feel really bad for you, but all I would be thinking to myself is, “how could you be so stupid?” That’s a fuck up of maaaaajor proportions. I feel scared just thinking about it! I mean, we’ve all accidentally sent texts to the people they’re about, but a snarky text about someone’s wedding? That’s rough.

Dude, I don’t know what I would do. I’m so fucking sorry. I am legitimately getting anxiety, I’m starting to sweat. I feel terrible for you. I would love to know what was actually said. I don’t know if I would ignore it… but I would probably ignore it. Idk idk idk idk. I guess my it depends on what you sent in the message…

OMG, this reminds me of a time I was staying in NYC in a hotel with friends and I didn’t know that somebody that I was talking about was in the room right next to me. I was making really snarky jokes about them, and then all of the sudden, I got a text being like, “we’re in the room right next to you and we can hear everything you’re saying”. Fuck. My blood ran cold, my heart fell into my ass, then I ran into one of the other rooms and sat there for like 30 minutes. Then, I just ignored it and pretended like it never happened. Hah!

Hang in there girl,
Xx Stassi

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