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Hey Natalie,

First of all, I love this question! I have recently been encouraging most people in my life to start podcasts because it’s such an incredible outlet to connect with people. As you know, Sheena Mannina has started Raw Talk with Amberleigh, Rachael O’Brien started Be Here For A While, and Annabelle Desisto started Adderall and Compliments!

I truly love doing it. It’s so rewarding and if somebody has ability to host one, I say absolutely go for it!! The first thing I’ll say in response to your question is that there are no rules when you’re starting a podcast… but here are 3 questions you can ask yourself 🙂

3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Starting A Podcast

First, what do you want it to be? 

The first question you have to ask yourself is what is your motive? What’s your goal? What drives you? When I was first approached to start my podcast, I nearly shit my pants. I thought, “I cant do this. That’s terrifying.” At the time, I saw how hard Patrick worked and I knew how hard it was to be ON all the time — to talk talk talk talk — and how hard it is to tell a story in an interesting, entertaining way. BECAUSE I was so scared, that’s what made me realize I HAD to try it. So, the first thing we did was figure out what I wanted to accomplish. Then…

Then, what are you interested in?

You have to figure out what you’re interested in. When I started my podcast, I asked myself, “what can I talk about A LOT?” Well let’s see, I like food, I like reality TV, I like pop culture, I like dating, I love my friends. Basically, I can talk about all the basic things in life. My advice for you is to figure out what YOU’RE good at and what you like, because if you don’t know a lot about a certain subject, you’ll run out of stuff to say REAL fast and that doesn’t make for a very interesting podcast.

Finally, don’t filter yourself. 

Everyone might not agree with me, but I know that I connect deeply with things that are flawed. I’m not interested in hearing a perfect news program with perfect grammar or perfect diction — I am interested in what’s real and not manufactured. That’s why my biggest piece of advice to you is to be completely yourself. And if you fuck up during your podcast, don’t edit it out. I promise, it’s endearing. People want to hear what’s real, so as long as you’re true to yourself, that will translate. (God, what am I? A carebear?) People just want to hear and see real shit. You know? That’s how I feel.

Good luck Natalie!

Xx Stassi

  1. The follow-up question to this s what equipment are you using these days? And is it the same that we saw on the show, or have you evolved to another setup?

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