On this episode of Straight Up With Stassi, Beau joins to talk about the end of the Next Level Basic book tour, Game of Thrones (obvi), and podcast tour ideas!

“Incest? Whatever.”

“If you don’t watch Game of Thrones, shame on you,” Stassi says. “My producer was like, ‘It’s interesting, Stassi, Daenerys’ storyline… If you look at her from the beginning, since Season One to Season Eight. She started as this young blonde girl, trying to find her way, she’s lost, and then we see her grow over the years and become more powerful, and then she meets the love of her life Jon Snow and becomes even greater and accomplishes greater things. It’s interesting. It’s an interesting story arc, don’t you think, Stassi?’ I was like, ‘Oh my God, are you saying my Vanderpump Rules storyline is like Khaleesi’s? Because you just made my day!’ And then he’s like, ‘What’s even more interesting is that I think in the end she’s going to have to bend the knee to Jon Snow.’ And I’m like, ‘Okay, so you just buttered me up to say that my Vanderpump Rules storyline is that I created this monster and now I’m going to have to bend the knee?'”

“Except incest is not the best, with us, so that’s a little different,” Beau says.

“Okay, let’s get into Game of Thrones right now,” Stassi decides. “I don’t mind the incest! There’s a lot weirder shit going on. Incest? Whatever, I really don’t care that she’s his aunt. I have zero feeling about it. I think that needs to be a non-issue.”

“I think Khaleesi and Jon Snow is a lot less weird than with Cersei and her brother,” Beau argues.

“I’m still okay with that too, I’m still fine with them getting it on,” Stassi laughs. “Because it’s like, a whole other world that they’re in. Maybe that’s just what they do.”

“I think Bran has other ideas,” Beau laughs.

“Okay well, probably, but Bran annoys the shit out of me,” Stassi says. “Basically, I am Daenerys Targaryen, okay? My producer told me, so that’s what I’m running with, and I’m never going to look back. I am the Daenerys of Vanderpump Rules. You heard it here first. I’m so sick of people calling me Cersei. Season One Stassi was Cersei.”

“Sky blue with sparkly blood.”

“Now that my book tour is finito, next plan of attack? Going on a podcast tour,” Stassi says. “Yep, this fall I’m going on a podcast tour. We’re at the beginning stages of what that will look like — what types of things I’m going to talk about, my guests, what people want to see, and my gorgeous, beautiful, awesome, amazing publicist Emily thinks that it would be a really good idea to have Beau-cycle over here come along.”

“Yeah,” Beau says. “What is a podcast tour?”

“You do live podcasts,” Stassi answers. “I think I would really like having you there, and I think it would make me feel really comforted. Because it would have been really nice if you were on the book tour with me because there were so many times when I thought, ‘I wish he could just hug me right now.’ And I think it would be fun if I did a podcast tour and the first 20 minutes you did with me, and then I could have other guests. Maybe Housewives, Taylor Strecker, Jackie Schimmel, Rachel.”

“I think it would be cool too to ask your fans certain topics to talk about,” Beau suggests. “Every city that you go to, have your fans of that city ask certain things.”

“Love it,” Stassi agrees. “So if you guys have any advice or ideas, send them my way. Tweet me, join my Facebook group — the Straight Up With Stassi Facebook group.”

“What are the dates that you’re thinking about?” Beau asks.

“The end of September, I’m thinking,” Stassi says. “But I’ve already said I want the stage to be sky blue with sparkly blood running down. I could have gold sparkly chairs, and ranch things everywhere, and wine. Just make it look like what the inside of my brain looks like.”


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