Behind the scenes VIDEO of NYFW SS’16

Alrighty, y’all. I promised a while ago that I would be showing you guys a behind the scenes vid of NYFW Spring/Summer 2016. Yes, I am very much aware that it is two months later, but hey, better late than never. And this is my very first ever Style by Stassi video, so I’m still learning (basically, don’t judge me). Ummm, I’m pretty sure that I think that I think I’m a reality TV producer, but for realsies, that shit’s hard. New respect for my VPR producers. Hope you guys like it.

This video is like NYFW meets Gone with the Wind, only 22 minutes longer and a couple more swear words.

Feel free to tweet/email me your thoughts!

Photography & video by: Taylor Donohue

  1. That was great! You and Taylor are so much fun. Amazing outfits.
    You are so witty, you are going places girl!

    “It’s like Dr. Seuss meets Jay-Z”

  2. My favorite part was Taylor dancing to Timber. Because that is me. All the time.

  3. Love the video! Please make more! You are a legit producer. 😉 Please explain this uber chic black pajama situation… I want! Who makes them and can I use “stassi” to get 20% off my order? K thx!

  4. I liked this so much! You should make many more. My favorite part was when you were running barefoot and we could only hear your narration. It made for a poetic scene somehow, really worked. Have you ever watched the Australian series “Fashion Bloggers”? You should do something like it.
    Anyway, great great video!

  5. Because of you I kinda feel like I actually have a life…
    Xoxo oh and your beautiful

  6. Soooo…have you, officially, quit your site? 2 1/2 months with no activity? I think so.

  7. I’m literally obsessed w Stassi. Started listening to her podcast and can’t get enough of her. I need her to become my friend.
    p.s your moment in chanel is everything

  8. @stassischroeder put scotch tape over the speaker on your cam in public events – cuts the static! From @kidkel69

  9. You and Taylor together are my favorite! You two combined always make me laugh so hard I need to pee! Have her on more and great video!!

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