I’ve been into wearing my body chain over my clothes, because why not.

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Okay, so it might not technically be my closet, but I like to think it is. Basically I wanted to show you guys where I keep my wardrobe when I go to NYFW. First and foremost, I always stay with my east coast bestie, Taylor Strecker. If you’ve been to my blog before or listened to my podcast, you know who she is.

Check out Taylor’s radio show “Wake Up with Taylor” on Sirius XM.

I honestly feel bad for Taylor, because when I come in town (especially if it’s fashion week), my crap is EVERYWHERE. So her pristine apartment is basically terrorized by Hurricane Stassi. I force her to make me cocktails all day/night long, I force her to come everywhere with me & I force her into coddling me like the prima donna I am (at least I can admit it). But I LOVEEEE her, and the trips I get to spend over there are some of my best times.

Okay, enough sap, how cute is this outfit?! I normally am not adventurous enough for pants like these, but I’m SOUPS glad I decided to try them. They honestly feel like pajama pants, so I felt totally comfortable all night. I’m also loving this body chain over clothes. I mean, you’re never going to see me with a body chain and a bikini. I love the look on everyone else, but I’m not exactly trying to bring even more attention to my stretch marks (the struggle is real); therefore, leaving the body chains to Rihanna and Candice Swanepoel.

Photograhy: Taylor Donohue
In collaboration with: Audrey Brianne

Top: Wayf | Pants: Ramy Brook | Body Chain: Ivi Jewelry | Clutch: Chanel c/o Sormeh Lifestyle | Rings: Nialaya | Watch: Movado | Heels: Senso

  1. Can I ask where you do the majourity of your clothing shopping?

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