On this episode of Straight Up With Stassi, celeb nail artist Merrick Fisher joins the podcast to chat about nails (duh!), gossip, and more!

“I love having my nails did, but I hate getting my nails done.”

“So, let me just tell everyone how this came about and who you are,” Stassi starts. “Merrick Fisher is a nail artist to the stars. I’m one of his lowest stars — I’m one of the C- list reality stars that he does. But whenever he comes over, he tells me all these stories about legit people he actually does.”

“You’re legit,” Merrick laughs.

“Well, we’re here in my apartment without central A/C. I’m not legit yet. I’m like, getting there. I’m almost there,” Stassi says. “But I met him the day before my winter-is-coming birthday with Ariana. So you came to that awesome mansion. You were probably like, ‘Who lives here? She’s a baller!’ Nope, that was rented.”

“So, I pull up to an address, I park my car, and this blonde girl in a bikini is like 20 feet, 30 feet up in the air, dangling over an infinity pool, and she’s like, ‘Excuse me, can you move your car, can you park there?'” Merrick recalls.

“Was that me? I remember being in the pool… Was I an asshole?” Stassi asks.

“No, not at all! You wanted me to literally move a couple inches,” Merrick answers. “So I move a couple inches, I get to this house, it’s a super dope modern mansion, I have no idea who you are, I haven’t seen the show. I didn’t know that it was specifically you — your friend Taylor just booked an appointment.”

“Yeah, Taylor Strecker had booked him as a birthday present to me,” Stassi explains.

“So I, as a surprise, get there, you’re really sweet, you’re dripping wet, and we sit down and get started and you’re telling me about this lavish birthday party that you’re about to have,” Merrick recalls. “I don’t remember what you requested, but you were like, ‘Oh, let’s go with a white or something for a winter wonderland theme.’ And I’m like, ‘Girl, look at this house.’ In all fairness, you didn’t show me what your costume was going to be or what the makeup was going to be. So I had no idea how extravagant this was, and like I said, I wasn’t familiar with Stassi, so I didn’t know how big your birthdays are. I had no idea this was going to be a lavish affair. So me just being me was like, ‘Screw that! You’re going to be this ice princess? Let’s do something really cool with silver metallic, let’s incorporate some foil, let’s incorporate some glitter. Let’s make these dope nails! This is your birthday, this is this house, this is your party. You need to have a moment.’ So I did your nails and you literally turned to me and were like, ‘You don’t understand. I love having my nails did, but I hate getting my nails done.'”

“Yes,” Stassi remembers.

“You hate the process of like, going to a salon…” Merrick says.

“It’s boring,” Stassi sighs.

“You were like, ‘You made this so pleasant.’ You were like, ‘Honestly, I know it’s going to suck, but like, I want to call you and the next time you do my nails it’s not going to be this amazing mansion, it’ll be my shitty apartment,’ and I’m like, ‘Girl, your place is not shitty, I will totally come to your apartment,'” Merrick recalls. “But yeah, that is how we met.”

“It was love at first sight,” Stassi says. “Every time you leave, I’m like, ‘Beau, I’m going to make him my best friend.’ I’m slowly but surely caging you. You’re not even going to realize it happened, and all of the sudden, you’re going to be like, my best man at my wedding.”


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