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Dress: Lumier by Bariano | Heels: Stuart Weitzman | Handbag: Mary Lai | Pearl Ear Cuffs: Jeweliq | Rings: Shop Prima donna & Jeweliq | Bracelet: Kenneth Jay Lane

Today, I’m doing something a little different. I’m going to be honest,  I’ve struggled for the last 13 years of my life trying to figure out exactly how to dress my body type. I’ve always longed to be one of those slender flat chested girls who could throw on anything, and look INSANELY chic. I’ve cried myself to sleep over the frustration that comes with dressing my upper body (my rather large breasts came in at the age of 13, with stretch marks… and they aren’t exactly the perkiest).

Every single girl has her insecurities… today, own your body and be proud of who you are!

Every single best friend of mine knows that I am the sports-bra queen, and have spent a significant portion of my life trying to tape my chest down. Basically what I’m trying to say, is that every single girl has her insecurities. We all sometimes wish for a different body type… The grass is always greener, right? I’ve had hundreds of people comment on instagram and twitter with the sole purpose of trying to make me feel bad about myself and my body. Today is not the day to let those people win! Instead of hiding in something loose and baggy, I’m showing the goods off today! And I really want to encourage all of you to own your bodies and be proud of who you are. I’m wearing a GORG dress that I normally would be too shy to try and it’s fabulous. #embraceyourbod … You may surprise yourself with how good you feel once you let go of what you “think” you are supposed to look like 🙂 Love you guys.

  1. Hi Stassi, I love this look! The color is unique & looks gorgeous on you. And I love the styling with the bun–so chic!

    I also wanted to say that you have a gorgeous, gorgeous body! Don’t listen to any haters—they are clearly just jealous! It’s crazy, I don’t know what people could possibly have to say about your body—you are nice & slim (while still looking healthy), and girls pay big – bucks to get boobs that look like yours! Just saying!

    I also am a bustier-girl with a slim-physique…. I hate the backhanded – compliments from girls (“your boobs are SO big!!”). Why can’t people just say, “nice boobs?” I also have to be careful about certain tops/dresses as well—I feel like I am always having to pass on cute things, because my boobs take a look from chic to hoochie real-quick! I really appreciate reading your blog, because I get new ideas for great silhouettes from you! Thank you! And keep up the great work!


    1. Agree!! I most of the time keep my boobs hidden, for fear of looking slutty/hoochie. A simple v-neck on my smaller chested girlfriends looks adorable but i try it on and it does not have the same affect. Love the dress and listen to your blog. Your sense of humor is great! I talk smack all the time with my girlfriends, i am just lucky nobody tapes me on TV for it, or i would end up with the same hate as you! You look fab and keep making your pod casts!

  2. This post just made my day. Beautiful dress, beautiful shots, and beautiful words. I don’t understand this body shaming hate that people are spewing, but every part of me understands the insecurities that we feel, and the frustration that comes with not accepting our body shapes. Your soul shines through this post Stassi, and its every bit as beautiful as the pictures.

  3. Stassi you look beautiful. That colour is made for you! I feel the woes of the big chest. Im petite with curves. Boobs and hips. Its hard to find clothes that fit the girls. I wear extra small but then it is tight on the boobage. I swear fashion wasnt designed for us busty gals. Lol

  4. It’s great that you’re embracing your body, you’re a fabulous, curvy, beautiful woman! When I was younger I always wished for a bigger chest, so everyone has that thing they wish they could change. As I got older I started to love my body for what it was, and I’m glad you are too, because you are ROCKING that dress!!

  5. Hey Stassi, I have been a fan since the beginning. We are alike in so many ways especially being a smart ass. 😉 I have never been one to like fashion, I throw on jeans and a shirt and call it a day. Ever since watching you on VR, I have seen your style and fell in love with it. I actually accessorize now! Crazy! Who would of thought? Ha! On those days that people are mean to you on Twitter and Insta, my heart goes out to you. Just remember they don’t define who you are. Think of the ones, like me who look up to you, I am older but I still do,. We all have things we don’t like about ourselves, but that’s us, no one should never feel less. You are a great person, so keep your heads and your heels high. Xxxx.

  6. Yes!!! This was the best post yet! I have felt exactly the same all my life – and I have even gone to a plastic surgeon to talk about having a breast reduction. I am so glad I did not do it. I figured out that there would always be something in my body I did not like, and that if I decided to change everything I would end up looking like frankenstein. Instead, I try every day to just be kind to myself, to find beauty in unexpected places, and to talk about my body openly and honestly to other women. Good for you for talking about your experience. In the pictures you look fragile, and honest, and thus beautiful.

  7. We all have a touch of the girl crazy and I’m not ashamed to admit it! I never get used to hearing that the people’s who’s body types I envy have image issues of their own but I think it’s really honest to own up too so bravo Stassi! (Bravo pun unintended but I’m still sups proud of it)

  8. You look gorgeous! Love the dress, the entire look is stunning! I just want you to know that your body type is amazing, in fact it’s one that I aspire to have! Lots of love!

  9. You couldn’t have said that any more perfect, and you surely couldn’t look any more stunning in that dress!

    Good vibes your way lady.

  10. You are a very beautiful woman and I wish my body image was a large chest! Ha! On that note, though, I do love my full Bs. I am more shapely on my bottom half, which a rather large dairyair! I have never received the flattering attention and have always wished I could have a cute small booty! Where clothes would fit properly and not have to get a bigger size & then alter. You were lucky enough to be able to tape yours — I know I know that isn’t the point of this. I’ve been at my curtain job for over a year and I’m known as the girl with the big ass. My friends try to tell me it’s jealousy but I see nothing positive about it. It’s not flattering how they’re referring to me. I wish I could, too, figure out how to embrace and love my body the way it was created. Good luck!

  11. Hi beautiful, what do you do to keep the cellulite under control?
    Yoi look amazing!

  12. Can’t say that I have been a fan of everything you’ve done or how you act but I will say I have always loved your style. I think your body is amazing and much better then that of a “slender flat chested girl” I’m thrilled to see you’re embracing your curves and hope you continue to show them off from head to toe.

  13. Stassi,

    I’ve loved you since following you on Vanderpump rules and I have to say this post brought me to tears. I’ve had the same thoughts and body issues do to my breast being larger and indeed not the perkiest. Seeing you someone I look at as drop dead gorgeous speak out about body image, not only helps me see the mirror a little clearer but also made me see that every woman has their own imperfections. Thank you stassi, thank you so much.

  14. Just beautiful! Simply gorgeous! Own your beauty & flaunt what God gave you.
    I have to say it’s refreshing, for someone like me with curves, to hear that you have some insecurities. You’re flawless in my eyes.
    We all have our hang ups, the point is to love everything about ourselves.

  15. Bravo. I think we all struggle in one way or another. I say this after 5 babies and an undressable stomach. You don’t have to love your perceived flaws and you certainly don’t have to tolerate those that point it out. In that situation at least your issues are only skin deep.

  16. I love that you shared this! I have felt the same way about my large breasts, which grew to be DD’s by my senior year of high school. I was a shy nerdy girl, also a runner… Just not what I wanted for my figure. I have preferred to hide them pretty much ever since, out of fear of looking skanky or receiving dirty looks from other girls, and also from receiving all the wrong attention from men. (I also am tall and lean, but with huge boobs). No one can understand how insecure a woman with a figure like that can be with their body, but it’s possible! Now in my late twenties I am beginning to embrace my curves as well, and I’m so glad that you are too!! You have an eye for aesthetics, and perhaps you are admiring the beauty in others and not seeing how gorgeous you are from someone else’s eyes! Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your story! Your body is a blessing, so pull those shoulders back and be proud! You rock that sassy chartreuse dress!!

  17. you have been someone I look up to for the last couple years. You handle situations with such grace & poise & have such a confidence that I admire. I have struggled with an eating disorder for 6 years now. It’s so encouraging to see things like this & knowing that someone that I admire so much has heir own insecurities. You are beautiful & I wish I looked half as beautiful as you. Sending you all my love.
    xx, Kenz

  18. I feel ya! I think I had D’s before the 8th grade. I just recently finally had the courage for a breast reduction and went from an H to a D. I am still recovering but my back already feels so much better and was shocked yesterday when I tried on a new t shirt and didn’t look like a stripper! Things are starting to fit how I always wished they would fit. It’s fantastic! Email me if you want more deets! I think the dress is stunning and looks great on you.

  19. you look gorgeous! Love the curves and you look healthier than I have ever seen you! Happiness looks great on you! Love the podcast also

  20. I love the pearl cuffs, all the accessories I think look really delicate which complements the dress color. Speaking of which, chartreuse looks amazing on you. You’ve got literally a figure to die for, so please don’t give all those mean invalids too much thought!

  21. Hi Stassi,

    I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated your blog post. You’re an intelligent and hilarious woman with killer style. Keep up the awesome work!


  22. Stassi, I just wanted to say thank you. I loved you on Vanderpump Rules and I think you’re insanely gorgeous. I loved this post. I’ve gained some weight recently and finding it hard to dress. Anyways, you’re amazing and I love your jewelry line at prima Donna. I have two so far!! Keep it up girl!!

  23. Stassi:

    I want to “thank you” for an amazing and honest post. As women, our bodies change as we age, and women of all ages and sizes need to accept who they are. Certainly all of us lovely ladies should take care of our bodies, as we only get one…but as women we must accept what God blessed each of us with, and encourage and support all other women. You look AMAZING dear and I love, love, love the dress and most importantly I LOVE HOW YOU ROCK THE DRESS! You are a beautiful, talented and motivated young women and I thank you for an amazing post.

  24. You look gorgeous! That color is fabulous on your skin and you’re really wearing that dress, not letting it wear you. THANK YOU for being honest about how you feel–I suffer from quite the opposite problem with my upper-body (think no bra and no one would ever know) and I’ve always wished I could have even SOMETHING. Thank you for expressing that we all seem to want the opposite of what we have at times. 🙂

  25. I was always a size 2-4 growing up. Always tall and flat chested. Made fun of cause we barely got by. Stylish clothes was not an option. At 13 I started doing modeling. 15 I got a job at a retail store and finally got some newer clothes. I started buying fashion magazines. Modeling, and working at retail stores got me by. at 23 I had a baby girl. After I had her I went back to a size 2. I got married 7 years later and in 1 month my stomach had no outlet. So I had surgery and got down to a 00. One year later I got diagnosed with LUPUS high blood pressure low platelets,fibromyalgia, on and on. Then I got pregnant by accident. Then 3 months early, we were dying. They had to seperate us. They told my husband it wasn’t good. That God all was good. I had a 1lb 15oz baby girl. There for 3 months we finally got to go home.I was happy, but my weight changed. I went from 2 to 6 to 8. So hard I was use to fashion and being slender then I felt fat. 18 months later my baby was diagnosed with Autism. She is now 7 and I am a size 10. It’s so hard and u look amazing. I try to keep my fashion up, but finances make it hard. I don’t love my body, but I’m learning to. I want to lose 10lbs. But I don’t know. I have amazing kids. And my body is they grew. So we are all have issues about our bodies but the stories they tell, the road they took to get there, far more interesting.

  26. Hi Stassi. Your latest blog “Embracing Curves in Chartreuse” was an inspiring one. It gave your readers a look at another side of you, a side the cameras tend to not show. That side is “humility”. Thank you for showing that even the most beautiful girl can have an insecurity about something on their body. That post was real…thank you for sharing.


    P.S. You look gorgeous in chartreuse!

  27. Thank you for this post Stassi! I too have been busty since middle school, and have always struggled to find something to wear that was flattering, yet conservative…Im’ 5’2″ and 32DDD. The styles these days cater to those who are not “blessed” in the breast department, making it difficult to stay stylish. However, you have found this spectacular dress and look unbelievable in it! I am inspired to try and wear something a bit curve-hugging when I go out this weekend 🙂

  28. Get. It. Girl.

    I am large chested and let me tell you, I look hot, chic, sexy and SO DO YOU. And trust me, men love it. And any guy that does not like some nice boobs.., you need to RUN the other direction.

  29. You look amazing and that dress is on point! Im 23 and have the body of a 12yr old girl, so needless to say, I would kill for your body!!

  30. Love this color! I just got a skirt in this color and it’s my favorite new piece. It goes great with all my simple black and white tops. This dress looks great on you!!

  31. First time looking at your blog, first time commenting on pretty much anything. You wrote that people try to make you feel bad? Seriously?! Jealous freaks. I think you are stunningly beautiful. I think you look incredible in everything you wear, i LOVE your classy style.

  32. Stassi, I’ve always been a fan of yours and I personally love your no bs style of handling things. You’re such a strong and beautiful person! I do have to say that this is my favorite post of yours. Everyone has insecurities, and thank you for being brave and sharing yours with your audience. I think the more open people are about having insecurities (especially bloggers whose lives seem perfect), the easier it is for people to talk about and the less the insecurities can win. Keep doing you, you’re fabulous!!

  33. You look super. I love your style. Your an inspiration. I look forward to seeing your looks. Keep up the great work. Thanks

  34. Love the message and the outfit. Thanks for keeping it real with your own struggles!

  35. You look amazing Stassi. I don’t understand why anyone would want to say nasty things about your body considering it’s amazing. You look great. And people pay BIG money for those boobs.

  36. THANKYOU Stassi !!! Body issues come in all shapes and sizes! I’m very thin (SKINNY) and some ask “what’s the problem?” I wear long sleeves because I hate my arms! THANKYOU again for sharing your own insecurities

  37. love your curves!!! I do! I am naturally very small & trust me we wish we had your body! That color is beyond! Such a classy and age appropriate look! Trust me from a girl who plenty like to knock down, you encouraged me not to take it! Let the haters hate!

  38. You look absolutely beautiful! You should never be afraid to wear fitted anything!

  39. I get what your feel, same for me here ! Sometimes I feel like it could be so much simplier to dress if I could just have a small breast, those girl can put on a tshirt and not worry about anything because it’s nice, but we have to worry about how it looks, etc. Sometimes you don’t want to look sexy, you just want to look cute and classy so it’s bothering. But as you wrote, the grass is always greener, my best friend has a small breast and trust me she struggles with insecurities too. Anyway, I think you look absolutly gorgeous in this dress, seriously stop hiding your cleavage and start showing it girl because it suits you very well !

  40. ok I just love you ! I have enjoyed your TV debut on vanderpump and I now listen to your podcast! I think you are such a beautiful person and you should flaut your curves . You have a great body and it is honestly so refreshing to hear someone else my age talk about how they put on a little weight . You have great style as well I am a fan so keep it up and don’t feel down when people say bad things they are losers .

  41. Love, love, looooved this post. Thanks for sharing! I am pretty much the definition of a “basic”, average woman and to read your thoughts and struggles helps me to feel better about my own body! You always look beyond amazing and it is refreshing to know you don’t always feel on top of your game (even though you never look anything less than chic)!

  42. I don’t know what everyone else thinks, but that dress is GORGEOUS. I guess I hadn’t noticed until now, but throughout Vanderpump you really did wear loose clothing, with more of a bohemian vibe. It wasn’t until you guys went to Mexico where you wore a GORGEOUS bodycon-white dress, that I noticed what an amazing figure you had. This dress puts the other to shame. This is probably the coolest dress in the fiercest shade I’ve ever seen. You really do work this look. I really appreciate your honestly and vulnerability. Even the woman with 8% body fat and a six pack stands in front of her bedroom mirror sucking her non-existent stomach in. And look at you, a model actually worried about hiding her gorgeous figure. It’s endearing. Good for you girl, you’re killing it.


  43. I really, really appreciate this post! So honest and real. Thanks for being so vulnerable with us!

  44. To quote Taylor Swift, the haters gonna hate, and that’s just that. You can be certain that the hate comes from a place of jealousy, because you are a very lovely lady and I can’t see any other reason for people to say anything negative about your appearance. I want to say that I really enjoy your site and love your style. Keep up the good work and thanks for the stylish ideas.

  45. This is my favorite look you have done. You look absolutely perfect! Xoxo

  46. I LOVE YOU! I’m listening to your podcast with Patrick and literally giggling at my desk. You’re the fiercest and I’ve been digging the evolution of your style. Your body is enviable. BUT ALSO, you’re fucking smart. , You read the temperature of the room and hold court. So proud you have this blog (self expression can be debilitating some how?), love it when you narrate! You’re voice is getting stronger, keep it up! BIG FAN. obviously lol. XO

  47. You look divine lady! I am petite with a large bust so I understand how difficult it is to try to find clothing that compliments the girls. I think it would be awesome if you wrote a post about bras. I think that’s another problem women (large breasted women in particular) have and your readers would love your insight.

  48. I can really identify with this post. At under 5’2 with a D chest there are so many styles that are simply off limits. I also don’t have your model face! Lol

    You look fantastic

  49. Ever since Vanderpump Rules came out I have been a fan of you. Even in your Queen B moments. I always loved the way you dressed and your figure inspired me! I too “suffer” 😉 from being large busted with a large buttocks and thighs. You seriously are a style inspiration for me! You are absolutely beautiful inside and out and your body is beyond amazing. Keep rocking it, Stassi. You’re a hot ass B.

  50. I am a “slender flat chested” girl who can pull all the chic stuff off, and I just got dumped yesterday for someone with big boobs! So yes, the grass is always greener and those kinds of feelings are the WORST. So we should just ignore them, like you are doing here! And you look EPIC in this dress, there was clearly no need to stress.

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