On this episode of Straight Up With Stassi, Lo French — Stassi’s fairy godmother — joins to chat about burnout, fatigue, and Paris.

“And no, I’m not pregnant.”

“I’m fucking fatigued and I think something is wrong with me,” Stassi begins. “I actually think something is wrong with me. For the last like, month and a half, I have woken up every single day and been like, ‘Oh my God.’ My body feels like it can’t do anything. Getting up to go get a bottle of water — it hurts. I’ve been getting IVs once a week, B12 shots once a week, I’m drinking less, like I don’t understand. I’m taking my vitamins. What the fuck is wrong? And with that fatigue, I’m like, ‘How do I even do a podcast? I just want to sit on my couch and stare at the ceiling or watch The OA.’ I don’t know what it is. Beau is convinced it’s an iron deficiency.”

“I mean, it could be,” Lo says.

“Or something is wrong. It just does’t feel right,” Stassi says. “And no, I’m not pregnant, because my period just ended like yesterday. It’s not that.”

“I’m crossing my fingers,” Lo says. “We can hope for next month.”

“Listen, if I become pregnant, it better be after everyone’s weddings,” Stassi says, ‘because I’m not going to be sober for all of that shit.”

“Neptune in escalade.”

“Maybe it’s a weird Mercury in Retrograde that we don’t know about,” Stassi suggests.

“But it’s over,” Lo says.

“But that’s what I mean,” Stassi explains. “A different type of Mercury in Retrograde. Like, Neptune in Escalade. It’s something weird. I still have trouble sleeping, but I’m fatigued all the time. I like that — Neptune in Escalade. I’m going to start saying that. I’m going to be like, ‘You know what’s wrong right now? Neptune is in Escalade. That’s what’s wrong.'”

“People are going to be like, ‘Oh my God, she’s totally right,'” Lo laughs.

“I would be jealous of me too.”

“I’m really excited because the first week of May… I told you this… I’m like, ‘I need you to try and not contact me for one week.’ I told everyone in my life this, professionally-wise, I want to be able to have one week where I don’t have to worry about anything,” Stassi says.

“I think it’s actually really funny because recently I texted you and I was like, ‘Just freaking do this thing for me and I promise I won’t bug you for one whole week.’ I laughed out loud when I sent that because it’s really real. All I can promise you is one week. Otherwise other things are going to come up,” Lo says.

“Fantastic,” Stassi says. “I just want one week. May 1st to May 8th, my book tour will be over, I’ll be back, I’ll have two days to chill, and then I’m going to Paris with Katie, Brittany and Lala.”

“I’m so jealous/the other side of our deal of me not contacting you is getting my favorite lip balm,” Lo says.

“I will 100% do that for you,” Stassi confirms. “I just need to get there. I need to not be on my phone, unless it’s to Instagram story. Katie is about to move into a house, I think she’s about to get pregnant soon, Lala and Brittany are engaged, so they’re about to get married… I feel like this might be the last European girls trip… I mean, when someone has a baby, it gets really hard.”

“It might be the last for a little while, but I know a lot of moms who make it a priority to have a girls trip every year, and I think that’s so cute and something that I want to do when I have kids, just to give you a few days,” Lo says. “But I agree, at least for the first few years, it’s going to be hard to leave kids.”

“Yeah, and we all have different things going on. Yes, we have the same job, but it’s also a bunch of different jobs. We’re all doing different things. So it’s hard to coordinate,” Stassi says. “Most of our trips happen at the last minute, or it’s someone’s birthday. This is a trip for just four chicks, going to Paris — my favorite place in the world — having girl-fun. I got an Airbnb where we have our own rooms. We’re on the right bank, which is my favorite. I just can’t wait to fucking go and tell everyone who tries to email me to fuck off.”

“I’m so jealous,” Lo says.

“I would be jealous of me too.”


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