Fiance Monsters w/ Beau Clark

On this episode of Straight Up With Stassi, Stassi and her fiancée Beau Clark dive into all things wedding planning and the pre-wedding anxiety it’s causing the bride.

“Yes I do feel different. I have an engagement ring on!”

“And I have to say I’m actually kind of jealous. I feel like I want a ring. I’ve been wearing some like rubber band on my finger just to, because I feel like I’m left out. I don’t want to wait.” Beau says.

“It is kind of fun.”

“Let’s just got to the courthouse and get married so I can have it and then we’ll do a wedding. I just want to wear a ring, I’m jealous that you get to wear that and I get nothing to show for it.”

“Yeah, I do feel really like – you know people are like, ‘Do you feel different?’ and they expect me to be like ‘No, it’s just like any other day’ and I’m like ‘Yup. Yes I do feel different. I have an engagement ring on! Like I have this ring that’s just a part of me now. Yes I feel different!!’ There’s like a greater sense of responsibility, I have like a feeling of safety and comfort and knowing that I can do whatever I wanted to do, me like being embarrassing or whatever, and there’s nothing you can really do about it. Like you’ve accepted me.” Stassi laughs.

“I wish there was like an engagement ring that guys could buy for themselves just to like, when they go out to bars to hang out with their buddies that if people look they’re like oh he’s engaged. Like no one knows that shit.” Beau points out.

“Me too. I wish you had that too.” says Stassi.

“Whenever you and I sit and actually talk about wedding stuff I feel elated. Like it feels like I just had an orgasm.”

“Right so what I’m trying to really get at, and I know this is scattered, but wedding anxiety is a real thing and I feel it.”

“Well you don’t have to be, you don’t have to have anxiety about it. We should make this fun. Instead of stressing about it, don’t stress about it. We have time to do everything, you know, we have other things going on as well. Don’t put the anxiety on. Don’t just sit there and read something and be like okay well this must be true and then all of a sudden you become anxious because you read something.” Beau proposes.

“You’re right, I’m manifesting my anxiety.” Stassi concedes.

“Yeah you’re already thinking about the anxiety that hasn’t happened yet. This should be fun. We don’t need to make this, you know, like crazy.” Beau continues.

“I mean I’m excited. As stressed as I am, I’m excited. Whenever you and I sit and actually talk about wedding stuff I feel elated. Like it feels like I just had an orgasm. Like it really makes me really excited.”

“Do you know when I actually proposed to you it was National Orgasm Day?” Beau asks.

“You did mention that”

“And I don’t know if that’s true but I saw it on Barstool Sports.” He goes on.

“So it must be true.” Stassi jokes.

“It must be true.” Beau repeats.

“So folks we got engaged July 31st, 2019, National Orgasm Day.”


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