Getting in (better) Shape for the Dress with Autumn Calabrese

On this episode of Straight up with Stassi, fitness guru Autumn Calabrese shares the tips and not so tricky tricks to scoring a Revenge Body in preparation of Stassi’s dream wedding.

“I think I might like wine more than I like the way that I look”

“Do you, are you looking like strapless, are you looking?” Autumn asks about Stassi’s wedding dress search.

“Yes,” Stassi replies, “I feel like I have a vision of like a romantic, strapless…I love off the shoulder but I don’t know if that’s what I’ll go for. I feel like you need to try on a bunch of things.”

“You do,” Autumn confirms.

“To figure out what works. What, are you saying the wine’s gonna go straight to my clavicle?!” Stassi asks.

“No, no. I’m saying every time you want that wine I’m gonna remind you about the dress.” Autumn says.

“Right, but at the same time…so this is I think what I struggle with. I’m happy with the way that I look, just not the happiest I could be. And I think I might like wine more than I like the way that I look,” Stassi laughs.

“Here’s what I’m gonna say. Everybody is different and I’m probably gonna be struck down by Beach Body for this, everybody is different. And if you’re like the person who’s like I have to have my wine, I’m not willing to give it up we’re gonna try to like do it in moderation, right? I’m gonna give you the best advice I can give you on how to make it fit to be the healthiest within what you’re comfortable with.” Autumn replies.


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