On this episode of Straight Up With Stassi, Stassi brings you her first podcast episode of 2018 (and the third year anniversary of the podcast)!

2018 is about having a year of living your best life…

“With that in mind,” Stassi starts off, “I️ thought a lot about, ‘What the fuck am I️ going to do to actually start this new year off with this podcast?’ I️ had so many intentions of, ‘What could be amazing?’ I️ wish Walt Disney could come back to life so I️ could interview him. Nothing that you think of in your head is ever good enough. I️ felt like maybe the right thing to do was to do an episode by myself. I’ll explain why — I️ have a few reasons.”

“I️ was told recently by a coworker that 2018 is the year of self help, especially for women, and that it would be a great theme to start with. I️ was like, ‘Uh, fuck yeah! That sounds awesome.’ 2018? Let’s restart this shit. 2017 hasn’t been the best for everyone. Except for Taylor Swift. Pretty sure she’s the only one who had the best year or whatever.”

So Stassi Googled it.

“I️ found zero articles on the fact that 2018 was the year of self help. Not even for women. I️ didn’t find anything about self help in general. I️ just found the standard ‘New Year New You’ type of shit.”

“So then I️ was telling another one of my friends about how I️ was trying to figure out how to start this first episode of this year, and she goes, ‘Well, actually, one of my Jewish friends told me that this year, 18 — 18 means something: renewal, good luck and rebirth.’ I’m like, ‘Maybe that’s what my coworker was talking about.’ Found zero about that too. So, I’m a little lost when it comes to this 2018 thing.”

“First of all, doesn’t every New Year mean renewal, good luck, and rebirth? Doesn’t every New Year start with self-help? Maybe not especially for women. But every time New Years rolls around, on New Year’s Day, we eat our fuckin’ black eyed peas and… cauliflower is it? For health and money? My grandmother always makes me eat these two vegetables, whatever they are. I️ just down them, quickly, because I’m not a fan of veggies. So I’m just like, ‘Give them to me, whatever, I’ll do what you want. If it means I’ll live my best life this year, I’ll eat dog shit.’ But, every year, technically, New Year’s means self help, good luck, rebirth, renewal… all that shit. You’re just trying to be the best version of yourself.”

“I’ve never done a New Year’s resolution in my life, even when I️ was a kid. I️ know that this episode sounds like I️ started off like a bit of a Negative Nancy, a “Negative Nastassia,” you could call it. A “Sour Stassi.” But no, my coworker and my friend who told me these two things, even though I️ couldn’t find any articles whatsoever on those things, I’m still going to go with this theme. I’m still going to be super… cynical, about a lot of things, but I’m going to be uplifting. Because I️ want this year, 2018, to be all about us living our best fuckin’ lives. Because that’s true happiness. Doing whatever the fuck you want, as long as you’re not hurting people.”

“In 2017, I️ made a lot of mistakes. And I’m sure you did too. And we didn’t experience the best year of years, like I️ said earlier, so 2018 is our chance to just live our best lives. That doesn’t mean we have to have a New Year’s Resolution. Fuck that shit. I’m not doing it. And you know why? You know why I’ve never done it? I️ know that if I️ have a New Years resolution, eventually I’m going to fail, and that just makes you feel bad about yourself. But, I️ will say, 2018 is going to be different. It’s going to be different for me, and I️ hope this energy I️ put out will be different for ya’ll.”

“I’ll reference the podcast that upset a lot of people. I️ learned so much from that, that I️ felt like I️ aged a few years (not physically, of course) mentally and emotionally. It’s like I️ became more of an empathetic person. I’ll be a basic bitch and say, I’m a Cancer — I’m already an empathetic person, and I’m very sensitive. We’re the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. So for me to feel forever changed by something says a lot.”

“So, 2018 is going to be our year, Khaleesis, even if I️ couldn’t find any fuckin’ articles about 2018 being the year of self help for women. Why don’t we just put that energy out there and make that happen ourselves?”

“This is what we’re going to do: Every time that you’re asked to go somewhere, or do something, or you have an opportunity presented to you — if it’s not hurting someone, or it’s not inconveniencing a family member or a close friend, say yes. Say yes. Because last year, I️ had a year of no, then I️ had a year of yes. I️ went back and forth. This isn’t about having a year of yes, this is about having a year of living your best life. It’s about experiencing things that are a little bit ‘extra.’ It’s about recognizing that we’re on this earth and we could be dead. How lucky are we?”

“I’m not going to have New Year’s resolutions, but I️ am going to take every opportunity that comes my way, and say yes to it.”

To hear the rest of Stassi’s first podcast of 2018, click here.

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