#HotGirlSummer with OG Kristina Kelly

On this episode of Straight Up with Stassi day one bestie Kristina Kelly brings zen energy and positive vibes while reflecting on the power of personalized self-care and the latest drama with the cast of The Hills reboot.

“I sweat, I’m hot, and I’m bored.”

“Do you feel like I’m right when I say that you are really good at self care? Or do you feel like you’re still like a fucking volcano?” Stassi asks.

“Umm well are we like…I am comparing myself to you?” Kristina laughs.

“No. Just if you feel like — cause I think it’s important that everyone realizes that self-care is different for every person. Like I said at the top of the episode, you read all these articles, you know, on websites, or like in magazines…where it’s like what you should do and like what works for somebody. Like me taking a bath with lavender oil in it doesn’t relax me as much as being on my couch watching 90 Day Fiance for two episodes in a row. Like that relaxes me and that is me taking personal time so that I feel recharged and I can like go out and be a normal person.”

“Yeah,” Christina chimes in, “I actually agree with you I don’t love baths. I’m not a big bath person, but a lot of people like baths.”

“Me neither. I sweat, I’m hot, and I’m bored.”

“I want to like baths,” says Kristina.

“I want to too!” Stassi agrees.

“I’m like that was a self-care moment.”

“I got really excited about my coffee. I love making the coffee, the espresso, the milk frother. I like pouring in the hot milk. The whole process of it.” Kristina explains about her favorite daily self-care moment.

“That’s how I feel like uncorking a bottle of red wine in the afternoon. Like once it hits like 6PM. We’ve had some rose today for lunch but it’s like it’s Sunday, whatever, cool…that doesn’t give me the same satisfaction as if like I’ve gone all day and then it finally hits like when the sun’s going down and uncorking it and hearing wine pour.”

“That sound too, the cork coming out of the bottle,” Kristina remarks.

“Yes the sound of it. And then sitting on my couch and like smelling one of my dogs and then like sitting back. I’m like that was a self-care moment.”


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