How To Find The Perfect STASSI BLUE Paint Color

If you’ve listened to my podcast for a while, you’ve followed my journey through rock bottom to finding my first solo apartment to moving into my newest one. And if you know me, you know that finding the perfect STASSI BLUE paint color was among my TOP priorities in the moving process! I can’t explain it – it just makes me happy to come home to sky blue walls and high-gloss ceilings!!!

One of the most popular questions I get from you guys is exactly which paint color it is and how I find it, and in this video, you’ll get your answers! Before I moved into my apartment last year, I made this video for you guys to show you how to find your perfect paint color – and trust me, it’s a process.

How To Find The Perfect Paint Color

  • Step 1: Grab a bunch of different swatches with the color options you have in mind and one TRUE white swatch. TIP: Choose lighter options than you think you want, trust me, they’ll look different outside.
  • Step 2: Go outside the store to compare your swatches to your white in natural light. This is how it’s going to look on your walls! If I chose inside the store, I would’ve chosen a blue that was waaaay too saturated, but taking it outside shows me how it’ll look in my apartment next to my high-gloss ceilings!
  • Step 3: Go back inside (second guess yourself) then repeat the process until you find your PERFECT paint color!
  • Step 4: Get someone to do the heavy lifting 😉

You’ll have to watch the video to see exactly the color I chose!! Tweet me pictures of your interior design inspo and projects! I cant wait to see what colors you choose – and if you happen to know anyone at Behr, tell them we should create a sky blue color and call it STASSI BLUE!

Love you Khaleesi’s,
Xx Stassi

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  1. Can you post a finished picture of the color on the walls?

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