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inside my makeup bag - stassi schroeder

While style and fashion is my focus, I’ve noticed that many of your comments are about my beauty products. (And hey, beauty and style go hand in hand!) With that said, I figured the best way to answer all of your questions was to show you exactly what I use on a daily basis! From my makeup to skin care routine, I made a list of the products I absolutely can not live without:


I wear Givenchy’s Dahlia Divin. It’s my absolute favorite, sweet and woody without being overwhelming.


The best: Benefit’s BADGal Mascara


This Lorac Pro Palette is pretty much all I ever need. I love the rich neutral colors and there is a great balance of matte and shimmery shadows.


If you haven’t tried Benefit’s Erase Paste, then I suggest you run immediately to the store and test this out. This under eye concealer is a game changer.

Self Tanner

Bare Minerals Faux Tan has been my go to self tanner for almost 8 years now. When you look at the lotion, it has a green tint to it, which is why it doesn’t turn your skin orange, just a beautiful brown.

Red Lipstick

MAC’s Ruby Woo is the only red I own!


This is the bronzer version of my self tanner (Bare Minerals Faux Tan).

Makeup Wipes

I use these Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes every night on my eye makeup.


This “Benefit they’re real! push-up liner” is my favorite one to use for a cat eye.

My Skincare

Bottega Organica Skincare: I’ve been prone to acne most of my life. I have tried literally every soap, cleanser, topical cream and medication out there. This year is the first year my skin cleared up and it’s all because I changed my skincare regimen drastically. My boyfriend Patrick got me into all-natural organic products and through that I discovered oil cleansing. IT CHANGED MY LIFE.

All of the harsh chemicals I used before were actually making my skin worse. I began washing my face with oils and hot water, followed by moisturizing with even more oils. If you are struggling with acne, PLEASE do me a favor and research oil-cleansing. I was making my own oil concoctions, but I recently began using Bottega Organica’s “cleansing face oil“, followed by the “anti-blemish oil“. It does feel strange to wash your face with oil, and then pile oil on your face afterwards, but I’m telling you, it works.

Body Highlighter

I love this body highlighter (Bathina ‘Take a Picture it Lasts Longer…” by Benefit Cosmetics) for when you really want to look hot!


I am someone who collects lip balms. There are many I love, but Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia is my favorite because of the deeper tint.

Nail Polish

I wear OPI Big Apple Red 80% of the year.


A lot of you have been asking about the lipliner I have been wearing recently. Hourglass Panoramic Long Wear Lip Liner in “Eden” is the one I have been using. It’s my version of “The Kylie”.

  1. We use a lot of the same products! 🙂 I actually just bought the Ruby Woo lipstick a few days ago, they were suppose to have put the lipliner but grabbed the lipstick instead lol! I think I may keep it now though. 🙂

  2. what is the clear/pink gloss youre usually wearing on pumprules??

  3. I live and die for Lorac’s Pro Palette. It’s the eyeshadow palette of all eyeshadow palettes in my opinion. As for the Benefit Push-Up Liner, I’ve found that the product always balls up and flakes off the eyelid which is such a shame as I love the design of the pen.

    Sarah xx

  4. Thanks so much for sharing Stassi, I have been dying to know the shade of that red lipstick you’ve been rocking! I am also a huge fan of Bare Minerals Faux Tan Body and I picked up the LORAC Pro Palette couple months ago and have been loving it.

    xoxo Nicole

  5. Thanks for sharing! I just got the Bottega Organica products you mentioned and I was wondering how you wash your face with oil? Do you apply it dry then use a wet washcloth? I want to do it right to get the maximum benefits!

    xx Amanda

  6. I had no idea you were wearing Big Apple Red this whole time. I kept trying to find out what nail color you always had – it looks so great!

  7. Hey! Can you do an updated makeup list… What you wore the night of kristins engagement party looked great! What foundation?

  8. Was wondering if you could recommended some more make up products from the season of pump rules that just ended? What foundation? You always look flawless and found some of my favorite products on this blog post

  9. Ms. Stassi what is the color lipstick you were wearing on the episode that aired on March 14. I believe it was the episode for Katie’s engagement party. I would love to know the name and manufacture I love the color of lipstick my skin tone and hair are quite close to yours and I believe The lipstick would match my skin tone.

  10. Yes, please tell us the lip color from Katie’s party! I couldn’t stop looking at your mouth when you were talking to Jax.
    Thank you

  11. Hi, I so thought you looked beautiful at Katie’sand Tom’s engagement party! I would like to find out the lipstick you were wearing thanks!!!

  12. I want the same answer that everyone else does. What lipstick were you wearing at the engagement party!?

  13. Stassi what foundation do you use?!? You are stunning and I would love to know… Thank you!

  14. Stassi
    Unfortunately my skin tone is golden.
    My hair is dark black/brown
    All these shades are gorgeous on you.. And they won’t work for me boohoo..
    Do you ever or have you ever worn lash extensions bands etc..
    I am considering getting them but I am concerned I will ruin my own eyelashes.. Any advice??

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