Inspiring as F*ck w/ Hillary Kerr

On this episode of Straight Up With Stassi, Stassi gets priceless wisdom on fashion, relationships and secrets to staying motivated from Who What Wear’s Hillary Kerr.

“Cool, so enemies are fun.”

“Every time I’ve run into one of my exes or one of my husbands exes when I looked like death,” Hillary says.

“It was because you looked like death,”

“So I superstitiously feel like if I leave the house groomed, and I always I ask myself this in my head before I leave: if I ran into my nemesis right now would I be okay with what I’m wearing? And if the answer is no then I get my ass inside and put on some mascara or whatever it is. It’s not that I have to be fully like red carpet ready,” Hillary explains.

“[Or] done up.” Stassi adds.

“Yes. But if I walk into Gelson’s and my nemesis is pushing a cart towards will I run and hide or will I know I look fabulous?” Hillary asks.

“That is what everyone needs to definitely take away – one of things – from this podcast episode. And I now am going to literally say that to myself everyday,”

“There’s nothing like having a nemesis too. I have two. And they have no idea,” Hillary adds.

“You do?” Stassi asks.

“They have no idea. They have no idea. But I feel it. I feel competitive and I feel like living my best life is how I win and it makes me really – I don’t wish bad things upon them. They fire me up,” Hillary states.

“They’re motivating!”

“I had to go to a wedding and one of them was going to be there and I have to say I almost wished I had invited her to my wedding because I worked out more before seeing her those two months than I did for my own wedding. I was like dang I should’ve invited her,” Hillary tells.

“God I wish I knew who this was…cool so enemies are fun.”

“I mean they can be motivating,” says Hillary.

“What a positive spin on something so sinister. I’m really into it,” Stassi lands.


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