On this episode of Straight Up With Stassi, Stassi is joined by the new Bachelorette, Becca Kufrin!

“I’m like, sweating sitting here.”

“I love you so much,” Stassi says.

“I love you!” Becca says.

“I can’t believe that you’re sitting here at my kitchen table,” Stassi says. “Like, these benches are only $100 from Overstock.com — I feel like I need a throne for you.”

“Oh my God, stop. I’m like, sweating sitting here, thinking, ‘This is not my real life right now.’ My friends are back home in Minnesota going who is this girl, she’s with Stassi!” Becca laughs.

“Oh really?” Stassi asks. “That makes me feel special. Katy Perry just fangirled over you at American Idol yesterday.”

“I fangirled over her,” Becca says. “I think I was drooling at one point,” she laughs.

“First of all, congratulations, because I just read this morning that you’re able to tell people that you’re engaged,” Stassi says.

“Finally! Yes,” Becca confirms.

“So, it was only a week and a half ago when this ended,” Stassi says.

“Yeah, we finished filming a week and a half ago, I spent a few days with my man, and came back here and now I’m just doing press.”

“Oh, so they let you spend some time together?” Stassi asks.

“Yes, which is so needed, because I can’t imagine going through that crazy journey and not even having a couple of days with my person,” Becca says. “We hung out, relaxed, and then got back at it.”

“I did all my packing and left for California.”

“So, I really want to ask you before I get into The Bachelorette — I didn’t know how you got into The Bachelor. Did someone make you apply? Or did someone apply for you?”

“So it actually started years ago,” Becca explains. “Two of my coworkers had applied for me, and I got this random call one day from this guy named Scott in casting, and I thought it was a joke at first. I went to work and I could hear my coworkers giggling next to me and they were like, ‘Oh, haha, that was us.” I was going to go through with applying, and then I ended up running into my ex-boyfriend at a bar, got back together with him, and was with him for a little bit. We officially broke up in 2016 and I was kind of down and sad, and my best friend Katie and I were like, ‘Let’s go up north, let’s go hiking.’ We spent a weekend away, and we were sitting at the top of this cliff overlooking Lake Superior and my best friend was like, ‘Let’s just sign you up right now, let’s see what happens.’ We did that, and months later I got a call, again from casting, saying, ‘Hey, we got your application, do you want to move forward?’ I said, ‘Why not?’ and I ended up moving forward every round and then made it on the show. I did all my packing and left for California.”

“How do you just leave?” Stassi asks. “How did you pay your rent?”

“Luckily, I’m pretty good at saving, so I was able to pay my rent up front,” Becca answers. “The hardest part though was the packing, because you have no idea how long you’re going to be gone for.”

“Oh my God, I don’t know that I could do that,” Stassi says.

“All we were allowed were two suitcases,” Becca explains.

“So, you’re allowed two suitcases, and you guys wear something different in every episode?” Stassi asks. “I never really see people re-wearing stuff.”

“When I was with all of the girls, we would swap stuff,” Becca says. “We would re-wear some of the same dresses every couple of weeks. It was nice when we were still with all of the girls because everyone was so friendly, but towards the end, once you make it farther along, you’re split up from everyone. But luckily you have some time to shop so you can revamp your suitcase. But it’s all on you.”

“It wasn’t always honesty.”

“So, let’s talk about someone I loathe,” Stassi says. “I’m sure you’re probably so freaking sick of talking about him, especially since you’re in a happy place now, and you’re engaged. I know that when people ask me about my ex-boyfriends I’m like, ‘I don’t even care, I don’t care, it was so long ago, I’m so happy that I’m out of it. There’s nothing left to say.’ So if you feel that way, you can really tell me to shut up.”

“No, it’s fine, and that’s the thing — I knew going on this journey that I was going to have to talk about it,” Becca says. “That’s part of my story, that’s what led me to now be The Bachelorette, and so I’m okay with it.”

“I really hate him,” Stassi says. “Hate is a bad word to use, it’s very strong. I’m just going to give you my personal opinion on everything real fast. Besides what he did to you — leading you on when he had feelings for somebody else — besides those things, the way that it went down… Because you know when he was telling you he loved you and you were having these weekends together, he was calling the producers or whoever he needed to call to say, ‘I need to set this up to happen.’ That betrayal… that is what really made me feel like I wanted to protect you. It made me so sad. Were there moments while ya’ll were filming where you were like, ‘This is kind of a red flag,’ or, ‘This is something that’s making me think that he might not be my person,’ or were you in love and you were happy, and that was it?”

“I did fall in love, and I was one of the people on his season that held that back longer, because I wanted to make sure that when I said it, I meant it, and I knew it was right. But I was also the type of person that — I talk a lot — and in my mind I’m thinking, ‘If this is going to be my person and this will lead to a proposal, I want to make sure I’m asking the right questions and really getting down to the core of what’s important for me.’ A lot of time, we’d spend time talking about things that were important to me like faith or children or jobs, where we would live one day. When we were talking about those things, I thought everything was aligning. He was really the first guy to ever say, ‘Yeah, I want to start a family, I want children, I want all of the same things that you’re saying you want.’ That was something that I’d never had before. But I also think I was so fixated on the relationship because I was one of many trying to date him. You of course get caught up in constantly talking about your feelings and your emotions and where you stack up against the other relationships. I was so fixated on that, that I think I overlooked some things. And then, when we were engaged, we were together a couple of months, and I’d still ask those questions, I’d still ask, ‘Do you feel confident in us? Do you think you made the right choice? Are you happy with the decision?’ And every time he would give me something back, it would be the answer I wanted to hear. In hindsight now, it wasn’t always honesty.”

“That was what was so frustrating,” Stassi says. “Because he said to you, ‘The one thing that I am with you is honest,’ and I was like, ‘Bro, that’s legit the one thing that you’re not.'”

To hear how Becca felt about the infamous breakup scene, and to hear more Bachelor Nation secrets, listen to the full episode here!!

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