On this episode of Straight Up With Stassi, Taylor Strecker joins Stassi to answer a few questions you may have been wanting some answers to.

Hey Girl Hey!

“99.9% of my listeners know who you are, but just in case someone random decides to listen to my podcast for the first time, this is Taylor Strecker,” Stassi says.

“Hey girl hey!” Taylor says. “That’s my thing, that’s what I say.”

“She’s a radio host,” Stassi says.

“Was,” Taylor interjects. “Well, I will be again in some capacity.”

“She had a show on Sirius XM for 11 years called ‘Wake Up With Taylor’ for three hours a day five days a week at the crack of dawn,” Stassi explains.

“And for the first few years it was four hours a day,” Taylor adds. “All talk. No music.”

“I met her with Jax, season one [of ‘Vanderpump Rules’],” Stassi says.

“I interviewed you! I was ready to crush you,” Taylor recalls. “Yesterday you were like, ‘Why?’ And I was like, ‘Because you reminded me of a girl that was mean to me in middle school or whatever.’

“I was so confused as to why you didn’t like me,” Stassi says. “I was like, ‘I’m totally who you would like though.’

“That makes sense now, I was just watching the show,” Taylor explains.

“Especially season one,” Stassi says.

“Especially season one,” Taylor agrees.

“That was so fun,” Stassi says. “Before we filmed season one, I’d watch ‘Gossip Girl’ on repeat and write down notes about what Blaire Waldorf did. I’d be like, ‘I’m just going to fucking go for it. Just have some fun.’

“Mission accomplished,” Taylor laughs.

“I can’t do it anymore,” Stassi says. “I could only do it for two years. I could only keep it going for so long because it actually is our real group of friends. I was like, ‘I can only torture them like this for so long.’

“But also you were in a place in time where people deserved to be tortured,” Taylor says. “You were justified, as we found out at the end of season one. I was like, ‘She was so bitchy and she had a total reason to be.’

“Luckily,” Stassi laughs. “That would have really sucked if my radar was off and Jax never cheated on me and he was just wonderful. That would have totally blown.”

“Good thing he’s a piece of shit,” Taylor says.

“Yeah, thank god for that,” Stassi agrees.

“But that’s how we met,” Taylor concludes.

“That’s how we met,” Stassi confirms. “And she no longer works for Sirius XM and I’ve gotten so many messages from people being like, ‘What happened with Taylor? What happened with Taylor’s show? Please have her on your podcast so that we can talk about it.’ I’ve gotten so many messages about it.”

“It’s crazy,” Taylor says.

“It’s the fact that you didn’t get to have a goodbye episode,” Stassi says. “I will never forget Patrick’s goodbye episode.”

“And my co-host Kenny when he moved to Pittsburg, he had a goodbye episode,” Taylor says. “It’s nice to have that closure, but sometimes you’re in a situation where you don’t get that closure. And that was my situation. But, I will say this — I was there for 11 years. I graduated college and that was one of my first jobs. I definitely feel like everything happens for a reason. It sounds so cliche, but I needed this. I was too comfortable.”

“I completely agree — I’d been telling you this for so long,” Stassi says. “ I was like, ‘Taylor, you could be doing so much more.”

“You were podcasting and I was like, ‘I want to do a podcast,’ but they felt like it was a competition, so I wasn’t allowed to do a podcast,” Taylor says. “I was getting so frustrated because I wanted to do it all. But we’ll see. We’ll see what happens in January…”

UPDATE: Here is what Taylor is up to in 2018! 🙂





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