Ya’ll. I have to talk about this LaLaLand Giveaway. I’ve felt so emotional about this very generous giveaway from my friend Kyle Chan, because I love you Khaleesis so much and seeing all of your posts gave me all the feels! There were hundreds of people that I saw enter on Twitter and Instagram, and I literally felt so emotional about it all! To narrow it down, I went on Twitter and Instagram and took lots of notes – and I even felt like I was leaving people out because I loved every single post – but I figured out a way to narrow it down to 42 people. Those 42 people either gave me the biggest laugh or alllll the feels. I chose 19 people to win the necklace and to those of you who entered but may not have won, keep your eye on your inbox because I’m going to send you a little something anyway 😉

Here are some of my favorite posts from the La La Land Giveaway!

This giveaway was so so fun and it was SO cool to see the Khaleesi Army support! I’m hardcore going to ask Kyle if we can do it again (would you be down? Tell me in the comments below!) I loved all ya’lls posts so so much. Choosing the winners was totally diff. TOTALLY DIFFICULT. But I LOVE you Khaleesis and thank you SO MUCH to everyone that entered!

Keep an eye on your inbox!

Xx Stassi

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