Lauryn Evarts is 13% Basic

On this episode of Straight Up with Stassi, The Skinny Confidential’s Lauryn Evarts Bosstick dishes intimate wedding wisdom, beauty tips, and relationship advice right out of Stassi’s grandmother’s handbook.

“On my body, like this is bullshit”

“I’m just gonna do one color, like either a color scheme or whatever. They can pick their own dresses so that they feel their hottest. You know what I mean?” Stassi explains about her bridesmaids’ outfits.

“That’s self-aware, I like that,” Lauryn affirms.

“Because I hate my friends. I hate you Brittany, I hate you Katie. I hate you guys for making me wear a dress that didn’t look good on my body. Pretty dress, loved it…”

“Five hundred dollars, you can’t get it back,” Lauryn adds.

“But on my body, like this is bullshit.” Stassi finishes.

“You’re standing up there sweating. You’re sweating in areas you didn’t even know sweat, it’s too much. Like I, it’s not my thing,” Lauryn agrees.

“No one is cute with that.”

“You know my grandmother used to always tell me that. She would be like one piece of advice I have for relationships: sometimes it’s okay to lie. And I just never understood it, but now when it comes to like beauty regimes I feel like I need to adopt that. Because I really want to get my lips done. It’s just the thing is that Beau said that if I do, he’s gonna shave a handlebar mustache so I’m really scared.”

“Let him shave that!” Lauryn says.


“Why?” Lauryn asks.

“He looks like a truck [driver],” Stassi teases.

“No he’s so cute,” Lauryn protests.

“Not with handlebar mustache, no. No one is cute with that.”


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