Lo French

On this episode of Straight Up With Stassi, Stassi is joined by Lo French, the woman behind the scenes!

“You’re like my fairy godmother.”

“I’m here with somebody who, well, takes care of me all of the time,” Stassi begins. “I don’t know how I could do, like, 85% of the shit that I do if this person wasn’t in my life, for realzies. Her name is Lo French and if you are somebody who has listened to my podcast for a really long time and are on the Facebook group, ‘Straight Up With Stassi Khaleesis’ you know who she is, because we’re a community. But Lo legitimately takes care of everything that I do.”

“That’s not true,” Lo says.

“Yes, 100%,” Stassi disagrees. “She does my website, she lights a fire under my ass every day—”

“—Someone’s got to—” Lo adds.

“—with every text that she sends… ‘Stassi you need to be doing this, you need to be doing that, did you remember to do this, did you remember to do that?’ She helps me plan all of the events that I do… Everything. You’re like my — except you’re not old — fairy godmother that’s a human being,” Stassi says.

“Oh my gosh, that’s the best compliment ever,” Lo says.

“Yeah, that’s legitimately what you’re like,” Stassi says.

“I thought I was like an intern, but a little bit older,” Lo laughs, referencing their favorite show #RHONY. “Like Sonja’s interns.”

‘I just landed a good one.”

“So… Let’s get to a question,” Stassi says. “Whatever one you want to do first.”

“You know that I love playing this game with you — Stassi Jeopardy — because it helps you focus a little bit,” Lo says.

“Oh yeah, so this is what Lo does to me,” Stassi explains. “Whenever we have our meetings, she has different packets of things that she puts a label on, in categories. One says, ‘Clothes & Jewels,’ one says, ‘LA,’ one says, ‘Relashs,’ one says, ‘Random.’ She says, ‘Pick one,’ and we work on one. Right now, I want to go to Relationships.”

“Woah, you never pick Relationships first,” Lo says.

“I feel like that’s the most interesting one,” Stassi explains. “Whenever I listen to podcasts I want to hear about relationship shit.”

“Okay, so, this is from Hailey,” Lo begins. “Hailey says, ‘Hi Stassi! I’ve been binge watching ‘Vanderpump Rules.’ It seems like you landed a really great guy. It also seems like you have a normal and healthy relationship. How do you know when you’ve found a healthy relationship, and how do you know when one is becoming unhealthy?”

“Loaded q right there,” Stassi says. “I’ve been super insecure lately because with filming and all of that stuff, I have to talk about my relationship a lot and I feel like, ‘Oh my God, I feel like I’m just bragging,’ and I feel douchey. But then I sit back and I’m like, ‘No, I’ve legitimately spent the last 10 years of my life in awful relationships.’ I feel like I’m a teacher who got my degree and now I’m allowed to teach. That’s what it feels like. I was so unhappy all of the time. In every relationship that I’ve ever been in, there was so much dread, resentment, stress, fighting. Yes, of course me and Beau fight, but it’s mainly because I’m a dick. I just landed a good one. He is really such a good person. He’s just a really fucking good person. And he makes me feel like I can be myself no matter what.”

“That’s what I was going to ask you: If you had to list five things that you think make a healthy relationship, what would they be?” Lo questions.

“I’m not going to put them in order, but, when you feel like you can be yourself… I’ve never felt like that before,” Stassi says. “I was always scared to say certain things, or I walked on eggshells, or a boyfriends would judge me… I never felt like I could just be. To have somebody look at me and say, ‘Oh my God, I love you still,’ is fucking cool.”

“That’s super important,” Lo agrees.

“It’s a really great feeling,” Stassi says. “Another thing that I feel is so important is that both people want it (the relationship) the same amount. Both people want the relationship to work. This is a new thing that I’ve realized. If you’re fighting all the time with your boyfriend, you can say you both want it, but if somebody is trying to fix it all the time and the other person isn’t really reciprocating or shuts down, then that person doesn’t want it as much as the other. Both people have to want the relationship to work equally.”

“I feel like you just made my brain explode,” Lo says. “That makes so much sense.”

“You’re making me feel so wise,” They laugh. “The third I would say… feeling happy all the time. Most of your time on this earth should be spent feeling happy. If you’re in a relationship where even half the time is spent feeling anxious, or sad, or mad, or angry, then it’s not worth it. You should be with somebody you’re happy to be around. Another one is that it should be someone who is your best friend. Beau is my best friend. I never get sick of being around him.”

“I don’t think anyone gets sick of being around Beau,” Lo adds.

“I know, it’s so annoying,” Stassi laughs. “I ask all the time, ‘What’s it like to have everybody like you?'”

“What does he say?” Lo asks.

“He makes a joke or something,” Stassi says. “I want to know what it’s like to have everyone like me.”

“I think the only other person that knows what that’s like is Schwartz,” Lo says. “I’ve never met anyone else except for those two that I feel that way about.”

“You’re right!!” Stassi agrees. “I mean, I love Schwartz. He was my thruple relationship. And then, the fifth one…”

“Trust?” Lo suggests.

“That just goes without saying,” Lo says. “If I don’t have that now, then bye. Trust needs to be the bare fucking minimum.”


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