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Photography: Matt Licari | Assistant Photographer: Sara Clarken | Make Up: Grace Pae | Hair: Jay Q | Styling: Erik Torppe, Tyler McDaniel | Jewelry: Lillot


Welcome back, y’all!! I’ve taken somewhat of a hiatus this summer. If you listen to my podcast, you know I’ve had a little bit of a “rock bottom” situation going on over the last few months. I’ve basically been living like a nomad for 4 months, with all my belongings in storage, carrying around 3 suitcases wherever I go… apparently credit is something that’s relatively important when trying to rent or buy a home. Lesson now fully learned. I am pleased to say that things are looking up! I just got a new place AND New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow, so Style by Stassi is TOTES back. I’m flying to NYC tonight and will do my best to document everything I can!

Now onto the post… Anyone who has seen my blog knows I’ve carried quite a few Mary Lai handbags. A couple years ago, back when I was living in NYC, I was lucky enough to meet her and see her showroom. I was in awe of all of her buttery leather bags. And I OBVS made her be my friend. We worked together on a collaboration with Bodybinds Lingerie for a special campaign and I fell even more in love with her style. (You can see photos of the NYC campaign here!) Soooooo… when she asked me to do a California themed shoot, I was completely on board. I loved the retro, motel theme; and I got to work with the same incredible photographer from before (along with some super amazing new people). These are the first 5 shots we have, with way more to come soon! Hope you guys enjoy these teasers from such a fun shoot. 🙂

Thanks for coming back! You’ll hear from me in NYC!!

  1. Welcome back girl! I’ve really been enjoying your podcast! I love to go to the pool, chill in the sun, & listen to your crazy ass! I’m excited for you to be back doing your style blog. I’ve learned from you in the past and am looking forward to all the new fashion tips that you’re going to teach & show us this fall. You’re so gorgeous that it’s nauseating…beautiful pics.

  2. Yay! Podcast and now the blog back?!? Must be my lucky day! Look forward to more. Welcome back.


  3. So happy you’re making your way back here! Yes, it’s that time of the year, my fave… Fashion Week!!! So looking forward to your posts and photos. Listened to your podcast driving home from work today and it made my long ass drive easier to handle. Never stop, stop girl. No matter what. Safe travels 🙂

  4. Welcome back Stassi!

    Glad to see your posts again. I literally refreshed the icon(I saved it on my IPhone) every other day to see if there was a new style post, that’s how much I enjoy your blog. I thought about starting one too, but I am too shy. I can live vicariously through yours instead ☺️

    Look forward to your podcasts also. Loved when you had your Grandma on!

    Best Wishes!

  5. You look beautiful! So happy to see you’re getting back on track! Your podcast is so funny and fun I’ve been listening to it this summer. Enjoy NYC girl!

  6. Stassi… Hi! I’m SO anxious to get an answer to this question I’m about to ask. Here goes… On your Website you are modeling in a Yellow Dress (You look FANTASTIC by the way!), BUT your main focus for this shot was to show off the “Mary Lai Handbag, the one that’s BLUE/WHITE Squares, I guess best described as “color-blocking”. ANYWAYS, I clicked on the link for the “Mary Lai Website”, & MUCH to my dismay, THAT particular Handbag was/is Nowhere to be found on that Website. So, naturally, NOW I want it even MORE than I thought I wanted it because I cannot, CANNOT locate it! LOL! & I MUST hunt down this particular handbag. So, Stassi, PLEASE, PLEASE give me some information as to HOW I go about locating AND purchasing this handbag… I’m literally Obsessed with getting it, so again please, ANY help would be Greatly, Greatly appreciated!
    Oh, & IS it true or nonsense the rumors that you have moved to NYC? I’m from NY and I think you would be a wonderful addition…..

  7. You are soooo beautiful girl. OMG!!!! And such an amazing model. I’m obsessed with your style. I also love your podcast. I wish you the best. XO

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