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Hi everyone! I feel like it is Christmas morning, because my new collection of statement necklaces, “Elements”, is finally available on! This feels like an absolute dream come true and the design process was so overwhelmingly fun. Statement necklaces have always been my favorite kind of jewelry. I feel like they are classy and feminine but portray this feel of power and boldness. They make me feel dazzling! I wanted to create pieces that I would want to wear, so there is a lot of gold, a lot of pearls, and a lot of crystals! I like to think of my line as “Egyptian goddess chic with a ladylike twist”. I hope you guys enjoy!

Check out this interview I did about the pieces at StyleBistro!

  1. Good afternoon, you recently wore a gold double layer necklace with emeralds on Vanderpump Rules. Is that yours? Where can I find that? LOVE YOU

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