New Obsession: Pearl & Gold Rings

pearl and gold rings - stassi schroeder - just stassi

I’ve always been partial to anything ladylike. I truly appreciate an elegant look. I think that’s why I’m going gaga over pearl rings lately. In the past, pearls have so often been misunderstood. I feel like they have gotten a bad reputation for being old-fashioned and prudish, not on trend. I’m so delighted that they are making a come back. We are seeing pearls being used in such fresh designs, and I believe the gold gives a pearl a little feminine edge. Here are some of my favorites in all different price ranges!

  1. I have always loved the pearl-look—-it is professional, pulled-together, and oh-so-feminine at the same time……… I do find that faux-pearls are extremely easy to spot, however——and therefore, it is best to start by investing in just 1 or 2 quality-pieces & building your collection around that investment……otherwise, a fashionista runs the risk of looking desperate/disjointed…….. up& coming fashionistas should lay the groundwork with some quality pearls they know they can wear forever.

  2. I’m a little late on this one, but wanted to say that I have always loved pearls also, they are just classic, not old fashioned at all. You bring “em back in style girl!!

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