New York Fashion Week - Boss - Stassi Schroeder - Just StassiNew York Fashion Week - Boss - Stassi Schroeder - Just Stassi - Pinot GrigioPinot Grigio?

New York Fashion Week - Boss - Stassi Schroeder - Just Stassi

No seriously… it looks like there is a diamond in my pinot grigio. Or a ghost. You know how on ghost hunter shows, “spirits” take the form of a dot or sparkle in a photo? Soooo… Diamond or ghost? Honestly, I’m cool with either one.

New York Fashion Week - Boss - Stassi Schroeder - Just StassiThis poor kid.

New York Fashion Week - Boss - Stassi Schroeder - Just StassiNew York Fashion Week - Boss - Stassi Schroeder - Just StassiRandy Jackson - Taylor Strecker - Boss - Stassi Schroeder - Just Stassi

I feel like I look like a Jessica Simpson impersonator in this photo.. and I’m SOOOO okay with it. (Ugh, I love me some J Simps). Oh! And Randy Jackson is from Louisiana… and so am I. So there’s that.

Randy Jackson - Taylor Strecker - Boss - Stassi Schroeder - Just StassiRandy Jackson - Taylor Strecker - Boss - Stassi Schroeder - Just Stassi

Photography: Taylor Donohue

In collaboration with: Audrey Brianne

Dress: Mossman | Heels: Saint Laurent | Bag: Chanel c/o Sormeh Lifestyle | Cuff: Vintage c/o Venice Vintage Paradise | Watch: Movado

Say hello to the most flattering dress I have ever worn. No, really, THE most flattering… like, my body doesn’t actually look like this.  This dress somehow sucked my waist in, smoothed out any unwanted lumps, AND lifted my boobs without a bra. It’s basically a spanx dress, it’s affordable, and this is not an ad. I swear. I loved the dress so much that I wore it to two parties during fashion week, (which I guess is SOUPS inappropes during FW, heaven forbid I reuse an outfit). I was a little wary of it when I saw it on the hanger, but I love a good structured dress, especially if it has a menswear vibe; so I decided to give it a try. Long sleeved, black, mini dress… And with gold buttons? Dead. I think I also obsess over this dress, because I never find clothes that I can go braless in without looking like my breasts are at my thighs. If you also happen to have that problem, I highly recommend you checking out this little number. I’m seriously missing NYC right now, especially with this post.

Why can’t I just be legit enough to be bicoastal. Ugh, the struggle.


  1. You are seriously THE CUTEST & MOST GORGEOUS girl ever! You’re way prettier than j simpson! I love all of your NYFW outfits…you’re totes hottt! I loved your NYFW podcasts too…tell Tay I LOVED her! I don’t know why I don’t have the email to let you guys know (she was worried, like a dork) because I haven’t missed a single podcast, but oh well. I actually miss you on tv though. You’re always fun to watch! You truly are a beautiful girl though…your face is like perfect! Keep being you!

  2. The dress looks amazing on you. I love you it so much that I just bought 1! Love it!

  3. Love this look. The shoes are gorgeous! Can’t wait for your podcast tomorrow!!

  4. You for real look stunning in this! I was just thinking damn her boobs look amazing in that dress! Rock it girl.

  5. Wow! This dress is amazing on you! And completely blown away about the Aussie designers you are showcasing. I never knew about Mossman or Asilio. And I’m Aussie! Keep up the interesting posts!

  6. Thanks for reppin big boob girls! I bought this dress because of you and BAM! let’s just say my husbands pumped 😉

    1. I agree the dress is awesome! But what about some fashion for a stay at home mom and every day wear..your style awesome but I’d love to see some casual wear. I can’t chase my one year old in any heels, lol.

  7. You rocked that dress – wore it way (way, way, way) better than that disheveled model that Mossman used.

    Oh! So if you’re looking into monetizing your blog, I think there are tracking codes you can set up in your links so that when someone is referred to, say, Mossman, and they buy that dress (even though the model looks like she hard night), you get some money for the referral. I’ve been meaning to look into that for my blog, too, but you probably get way more traffic, and you should use that to your advantage and get, like, rich ‘n’ stuff.

    Either way – grrrl you’re looking good!

  8. I was wondering what size your dress was. I am typically a 4 but the website looks like their 6 would really be a 0 in US sizes. I would love to order it, but not sure which size. Any info on that would be great! Thanks!

  9. You always knock it out of the park. You are stunning and smart… Deadly combo. Always looking forward reading your blog.

  10. Another out of the ballpark look! The girls look amazing in the low v-cut neckline. Just enough for sexy but far from trashy. Love the last pic of you walking away from the camera.

  11. The black dress on you…Stunning Stassi. You have a great eye for fashion, I always look forward to reading your blog!! Love ya girl! ♡

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