On this episode of Straight Up With Stassi, comedian Rachael O’Brien drops by for a quick chat about Thanksgiving, past drama, and Paris!

“We are the new Sesame Street.”

“So, Thanksgiving was this past week, and weekend, and me and Beau joined Brittany and Jax in Palm Springs—” Stassi begins.

“—because it’s the Twilight Zone,” Rachael adds.

“—and because it’s even more of the Twilight Zone, Rachael and her boyfriend joined us as well,” Stassi says.

“The guy I’m dating,” Rachael corrects. “Do we call him ‘boyfriend’?”

“I mean, it’s so much easier to say than, ‘The guy I’m dating.’ You know what I mean? Whatever, I don’t need to put a label on it for you, whatever you want, but if he’s going with you to Thanksgiving he’s your boyfriend. Sorry, putting a label on it. Changed my mind. So, it is the Twilight Zone because Jax and all of his past girlfriends and his fiancé spent Thanksgiving together.”

“Not Thanksgiving day,” Rachael corrects.

“Well I did,” Stassi says. “So there’s that. They’ve been playing ‘Vanderpump Rules’ marathons and I saw season one on the other day, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I literally just spent Thanksgiving with him and Brittany and Beau.’ It’s so weird. If you would have told me seven years ago that I’d be spending, ELECTING to spend Thanksgiving with my new boyfriend and Jax, freely choosing this… saying ‘I want to do this.’ Hell no.”

“Especially because you used to refuse to film with him,” Rachael adds.

“I literally specified on season three that I wouldn’t be under the same roof as him filming,” Stassi says. “I was such a brat.”

“I mean…” Rachael disagrees.

“It was warranted, granted,” Stassi says.

“You could have kept holding on to that, but you didn’t,” Rachael says. “You forgave. Because is he just that interesting?”

“No!” Stassi says. “And this is the thing: I thought of this last week, and I talked about this on my podcast… I think that if our group of friends ran for president and won, like a group of people instead of just one person in 2020, and we won, the world would be a different place. Why? Because we teach forgiveness, patience, acceptance…”

“Alcoholism,” Rachael laughs.

“The main things that everyone needs in life,” Stassi says. “The world would be such a better place if they just followed our example.”

“I mean, that’s a stretch, but sure!” Rachael says.

“We are the new ‘Sesame Street.'”

“There’s nothing like going to Paris with a girlfriend.”

“By the way, I missed you in Paris,” Stassi says.

“Wasn’t it sad without me?” Rachael asks.

“It felt like I was cheating on you, a little bit,” Stassi admits.

“Really?” Rachael asks. “It should have. I was like, ‘Aw, look at their photos…’ blah.”

“It really did, because I’ve been there with you twice,” Stassi says.

“Did you take Beau to Crazy Horse?” Rachel asks.

“We thought about it, but we went to Jean Paul Gaultier’s cabaret,” Stassi says. “It was actually really cool.”

“Is it just a one time kind of thing?” Rachael asks.

“It’s playing for a while, but it’s not like Crazy Horse where it’s every night,” Stassi says. “It was really cool, and like musical theatre-y.”

“But it wasn’t as fun without me?” Rachael jokes.

“No, it wasn’t,” Stassi says.

“Okay, good,” Rachael says.

“Listen, I will say this,” Stassi says. “There’s nothing like going to Paris with a girlfriend.”

“But most people say it’s the city of love,” Rachael argues. “But I do think it was funny for us to make fun of the fact that we were alone. That was a fun six months or whatever it was, of us being alone.”


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