On this episode of Straight Up With Stassi, Stassi talks with her “favorite Bachelor-nation star of all time”: Olivia (in case you were wondering, her last name doesn’t matter. Bachelor people don’t have a last name unless there are several of the same first names, she explains. You know, like, the Laurens.)

“Ohh, that didn’t really go very well…”

“You were my favorite because I know the way reality works,” Stassi tells Olivia. “I could see through what was going on.”

“I got annihilated. I got destroyed,” Olivia says. “When I left the show and went home I was like, ‘Ohh, that didn’t really go very well.’ But I never thought it would go to a point where I was like, ‘I’m not even watching what really happened.’ That’s still something that’s really hard for me. I’ve forgiven them in my mind because I’m like, ‘This is just what they have to do.’ But I watched the show since middle school and I would never message people and be like, ‘You’re the worst!’ It’s the stuff that you get too [Stassi] after an episode where people are just annihilating you. It was just crazy to me. I was kind of naive in thinking that that doesn’t exist, and then I went on and I was like, ‘Holy shit, people are horrible.'”

“I completely understand that,” Stassi says. “First of all, I thought you were going to win during the first couple of episodes. 100%.”

“I think a lot of people did, honestly,” Olivia says.

“Then all of a sudden, it started to shift,” Stassi says. “Were you getting along with everyone from the beginning?”

“I said this on Women Tell All, I’m very introverted,” Olivia explains. “I have a hard time in big groups of people. I’m kind of socially awkward. It doesn’t make sense to a lot of people because they’re like, ‘You’re so outgoing.’ And I’m still trying to figure it out. I go out and I’m the one who always leaves at midnight because I’m tired and I just want to go home.”

“That is what I have always been like,” Stassi says.

“That was me! So I go on the show, and I thought I got along fine with everyone,” Olivia says. “But there was never a moment where I was like, ‘I have a BFF in the house!’ and a lot of people, as I say, ‘coupled off.’  JoJo and Becca were best friends, Lauren and Amanda were best friends, Leah and Lauren H. were best friends, and I kind of missed that. I got along best with Caila because we were both people who did our own thing. I never needed a best friend. I was just like, ‘Hi, I like Ben and I would like to talk to him and hang out with him.'”

She goes on to explain that she never really fought with anyone.

“I spent my time recharging, which was in the hotel room with my book hanging out,” she says. “That’s Olivia time.”

“You just brought me to my favorite quote!” Stassi gasps.

“Oh… ‘I like to talk smart things.’ Yeah, that was weird,” Olivia laughs.

“It’s ok!” Stassi empathizes. “When you’re on a date, you say weird shit.”

“Why are women doing this to other women?”

“I want to talk about the fact that Chad, Jax, and all the male villains of Vanderpump Rules and The Bachelor and all reality shows, they have it so fucking good,” Stassi says. “But if you’re a female villain, you’re destroyed. People hate you. Loathe you.”

“It’s funny because the villains of The Bachelor have kind of come together and started this little crew,” Olivia says.

“I feel like I would be a part of that clique if I went on The Bachelor,” Stassi says.

“I relate to people who are real and authentic and say whatever the hell they want to say, and you can’t do that on The Bachelor,” Olivia says.

“Isn’t that sad that a woman who just actually says what they’re thinking and they don’t filter themselves—they’re not being manipulative, which, when you watch a show and see someone being super nice and like, ‘I just want everyone to get along’ I know at that moment that person is pretending,” Stassi says.

“I’d always thought it was harder to be a female villain than a male villain but I never really thought about it until someone, a random fan of mine, sent me a screenshot of Chad’s comment section on Instagram and my comment section on Instagram,” Olivia says. “His, regardless of what he did…”

“He said terrible things,” Stassi interjects.

“[He did], and all of his comments were, ‘I love you, you keep it real, yeah dude.’ Mine, I don’t even know if I can say it—it was horrendous. I was called the C-word, I was a psycho, I was a bitch, people told me I should die. I mean, who does that?”

“It’s insane because I see Jax being praised all the time,” Stassi relates. “Jax gets rewarded anytime he does something bad, but the rest of us, if it’s a girl… It’s really affected me for five years. I remember during Season 1 [of Vanderpump Rules], I knew I was right the whole time and my producers just kept saying, ‘Don’t worry, in the finale, you’ll get vindication and people will like you because they’ll realize you were right the whole time.’ NO! You know what people said? ‘She deserved to be cheated on because she’s such a bitch.'”

“Say I look at your Instagram—it’s all women against women. Why are women doing this to other women? As someone who, as you said, is a female empowerment kind of connoisseur, why are women calling other women fat and bullies and hypocrites?”

“Where were you when I was in the trenches?”

“I really hate that you got such a bad edit,” Stassi tells Olivia.

“I do too!” Olivia says.

“It really fucking sucks,” Stassi says.

“It fuckin’ sucks,” Olivia agrees. “It’s funny, people to me in person will say, ‘I love you, you were so great!’ and I’m like, ‘Where were you when I was in the trenches? Why weren’t you standing by your man?'”

“Because people who have half a brain and stupid people are the loudest people,” Stassi says. “That is what you hear. Those are the people that are commenting. Smart people who have their shit together and understand shit, they’re not spending time tweeting nasty shit to people.”

“It was also really funny—I never really watched much of Bachelor in Paradise… but I was on Twitter and all these people were like, ‘Where’s Olivia on Paradise? We miss her! Where is she?'”

“You’re perfect for it!” Stassi says.

“I just needed a break,” Olivia says. “I needed a breather.”

“I get it, I did it too,” Stassi says.

“I obviously got asked,” Olivia says. “They tried really hard up until the last minute, and I just kept saying no. That was my backlash, being like, ‘No, no, no. I know you want me but I’m not doing it.’ They didn’t care, whatever, but in my heart it felt like power. But it was funny, I didn’t expect anyone to notice that I wasn’t there, and everybody was tweeting me like ‘Olivia, where are you?'”


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