On this episode of Straight Up With Stassi, Stassi and Beau answer relationship questions from the Khaleesis!

Question: How has Beau doing the show affected your relationship?

“I’ll answer first, and you don’t have to agree with me,” Stassi says. “I personally think that it brought us closer together because you understand me. If you hadn’t done the show and you didn’t witness all of this, and you just heard me constantly talking about it or saying, ‘I’m exhausted, I need to just chill,’ or, ‘You don’t get how stressed I am…’ Now, I feel allowed to bitch and moan, and I don’t feel scared to say anything to you because you’ve done it, you’ve lived it, you’ve witnessed it, and you know what it’s like.”

“I agree a million percent,” Beau says. “When your friends or family give you grief about not seeing them or hanging out with them, and say, ‘You were just doing the show,’ it seems so simple, but, are you kidding me? After just a couple days of filming with you guys, it’s draining. One day of filming? Draining. It takes a lot out of you, especially after drama happens, like what happened on your birthday and then having to talk about it again. It’s draining. So me, being by your side and understanding that, when your friends or family give you grief about not seeing them when you say, ‘I just don’t want to be around anyone right now, I’ve had a really rough day,’ and they’re like, ‘What? Drinking and having fun?'”

“I know, it drives me fucking crazy,” Stassi says.

“I understand that,” Beau says. “That’s what I always thought reality shows were, especially watching a couple of episodes when we first started getting together… ‘all you guys do is drink and fight.’ But then realizing, ‘Oh, no, this is stressful, it’s emotionally draining.’ So I think if I didn’t film with you this time, I would probably have the same kind of feelings that your friends and family have. Or, certain ones that don’t understand it. Not everyone.”

“Totally,” Stassi agrees.

Question: Most annoying thing about each other?

“Should I go,” Beau asks?

“Yeah,” Stassi replies.

*Beau makes a long snoring sound.*

“There are things about our dogs that are very similar to us, and Luda snores like that, and guess who snores like that as well?” Beau asks. “Her mother.”

“You know there are things called ear plugs,” Stassi responds. “Why don’t you ever try that? I’ve been trying to give him Xanax and he doesn’t want to get addicted to it.”

“Yeah, because I’d rather take Melatonin or sleep naturally. I don’t need to pop a pill,” Beau says.

“But when you have a sleeping dragon next to you at night, you gotta do something about it,” Stassi says. “Melatonin and sleeping naturally ain’t gonna cut it.”

*Beau imitates Stassi’s snore again.*

“Wait, that’s what I sound like? No, that’s what Luda sounds like. I don’t choke on my snores… Do I choke on my snores?” Stassi asks.

“100 percent. I’ve recorded you,” Beau says.

“How are you still attracted to me? How do you look at me when I wake up in the morning?” Stassi asks in mock horror.

“You have really great boobs,” Beau laughs. “That’s the only thing.”

“Okay, the most annoying thing about you — it’s so fucking annoying — is that I make sure my apartment at least looks clean on the outside, even though it’s probably filthy with dust and dirt, it at least looks tidy… you walk in, you put your hat on one table, your keys on another table, your jacket on another table… receipts… The receipts that you keep are like confetti and you make it rain all over my apartment with fucking receipts. So the messiness that I have to constantly walk around and clean up after you, like you’re a child… that is annoying.”

“Just think of it as practice for when I knock you up,” Beau says. “Next question, please!”

Question: What is the hardest part of the relationship?

“I think that the hardest part of the relationship is that I’m an introvert and you’re a social butterfly,” Stassi says. “That makes it really hard sometimes when I’m like, ‘I don’t understand, why wouldn’t you just want to be at home with me?’ That is the only thing that I think is hard about this relationship. But I wouldn’t say hard… Hard isn’t the right word. It’s not hard. It’s just the only annoying thing.”

“Yeah, there’s nothing really hard about our relationship,” Beau says. “The fact that I’m an extrovert is usually fine with my friends, because if you’re in here and you want to introvert yourself, then I’ll just go away.”

“You always just want to stay out longer,” Stassi says. “And then I feel like an asshole when I’m like, ‘Can we go back now? Are we done? We’ve been out for like five hours.'”

“But since I’ve met you, I’ve been more of a homebody than I’ve ever been in my life, so when we do go out, it’s like… I love to be like, ‘Hey, what’s going on? Hey, what’s going on? Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Squirrel!’ I’m like the dog in ‘Up.'”


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