On this episode of Straight Up With Stassi, the OG reality villain Spencer Pratt joins Stassi to discuss hummingbirds, Taylor Swift, crystals, ‘The Hills,’ and so, so much more.

“I am a show, in my brain.”

“You have your own filter?” Stassi asks.

“Yeah, I won Snapchatter of the Year,” Spencer whispers.

“I believe that. I didn’t know that was an award,” Stassi admits. “I had no idea. I’ve gone over to Instagram Stories.”

“Well now I’m coming for Instagrammer of the Year,” Spencer says. “I need both trophies. I want them side by side.”

“Wait, congratulations! That’s really impressive,” Stassi says.

“Well, here’s why I’m so excited about it, and I’ll just humble-brag all day long,” Spencer laughs. “When I saw DJ Khalid win it the year before, I was like, ‘All this guy does is film himself all day long, and I love filming myself all day long. I need to win this!’ So it was the first thing where I was ever, like, ‘I’m going to really do this,’ and then it happened.”

“I will say, it is well deserved, because I remember when I was on Snapchat, I was following your Snaps, and I was like, ‘This dude is fuckin’ funny.’ Like, you would just go to a taco stand and start talking to the random taco dudes and it was so out there that I felt like you legitimately had your own reality show,” Stassi says.

“Well that’s why people are like, ‘Your IG story is so long.’ IG world doesn’t understand that you can fill your story. Coming from Snap, to me, I haven’t even started,” he says.

“Every time I look at your Instagram story, I see the little dots and I’m like, ‘I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it,'” Stassi admits.

“It’s an episode,” Spencer says. “I am a show, in my brain.”

“I get that, and you are,” Stassi says. “I will agree with you.”

“The truth will come out.”

“I don’t feel like you were whacky on ‘The Hills,'” Stassi says.

“Well, I was barely on ‘The Hills,'” Spencer responds.

“I feel like you were!” Stassi disagrees.

“I was on for like a minute every episode,” he says. “I feel like I was way more insane, they just weren’t showing it.”

“Interesting,” Stassi says. “How was that, filming ‘The Hills?’ Did you have fun? Do you hate talking about this?”

“No, I mean, I love my life so much that I could talk about it for hours,” he laughs. “How many gigabytes do you have over there? It was so fun, but also not, because I hated that people hated me. It’s like, to me, it was so stupid. The truth is going to come out… I got hated for allegedly making up a sex tape and allegedly leaking it.”

“So you did not do that?” Stassi asks.

“I will be vindicated, and it’s going to be on TV,” Spencer answers.

“What do you mean?” Stassi says. “Tell me what you’re talking about!”

“That’s as much as I can say,” Spencer says. “But the truth will come out.”

“Is this going to be proven? Is this going to be like a ‘Dateline’ episode?” Stassi asks.

“The truth will come out,” Spencer says. “100%, people are going to be like, ‘Oh my God, that girl straight lied and made him and his wife, or, girlfriend at the time, hated for something she was… like… the truth will come out. Obviously, I faked being a jerk to Heidi and all of that stuff, but the main reason that the media turned on me was this sex tape.”

“Yeah, I turned on you as a woman, like, ‘If somebody is coming out about a sex tape, you’re a fucking dick,'” Stassi says.

“Get ready, girl,” Spencer says. “As the exact quote was, the person said to me, ‘The truth will set you free.’ I was like, ‘That must be biblical right there!’ I can’t wait.”

“Can you tell me what month I have to look forward to?” Stassi asks.

“Hopefully,” Spencer says, “the next couple of months.”


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