On this episode of Straight Up With Stassi, Mystic Michaela, a psychic and aura reader, joins Stassi to discuss all things mystical.

“They’re scared to have a mirror on themselves.”

“I’m really into supernatural stuff. I go to tarot card readers, I go to psychics, I’ve gone to an oracle,” Stassi says. “I’m from New Orleans, so I’m open to anything.”

“Right, you’re curious. That’s the attitude that I love when people come into this kind of stuff,” Michaela says. “Just with an open mind, like, ‘Let’s see what she has to say.’ That’s good for me.”

“Let me just tell my listeners… You were featured on ‘Real Housewives of Orange County,’ Season 12. I watched that episode last night. I can’t remember the name of the woman who was like, ‘No! I’m sorry but just, no.'”

“Oh, Peggy? She was such a bitch,” Michaela laughs. “She was awful to me, she shut me down.”

“And I loved how there was this whole discussion of people being scared of psychics,” Stassi says.

“Right, like, do I look scary?” Michaela asks.

“That’s so funny cause you’re so tiny and pretty,” Stassi laughs. “They kept talking about how people are scared of the truth.”

“That is so true,” Michaela says.

“That’s a thing! Because I’ve always been open to it, since I was little, and the people I surround myself with are open to anything,” Stassi says. “So when I realized that there are people who are like, ‘Absolutely not,’ it make senses that they’re scared to have a mirror on themselves, or to hear something they don’t want to know.”

“They don’t want to hear the thing that they’re trying so desperately to hide from everybody,” Michaela says. “Especially in that situation, she didn’t want people to see her, or her truth, so she just was going to be rude. But it was fine.”

“You have a very strong aura.”

“So, what the fuck is reading someone’s aura?” Stassi asks.

“So, I see colors around people,” Michaela explains.

“If you’re at a mall like The Grove or The Beverly Center, are you just like, ‘Oh my God, it’s like I’m on ecstasy or acid because there are so many colors everywhere’?” Stassi asks.

“I’m so used to it by now,” Michaela says. “You know when you go to the mall and you don’t really notice people unless they’re wearing something ridiculous? That’s auras. I won’t notice it unless someone has a crazy aura color.”

“Like neon?” Stassi asks.

“Like hot-mess something,” Michaela says. “I’ve learned it’s like smelling. You smell all the time, but you don’t always notice it unless it’s alarmingly strong, one way or the other. It’s like a sense. Unless it’s something really jarring. You have a very strong aura.”

“That’s because I just got a spray tan this morning,” Stassi laughs.

“It’s not orange though,” Michaela laughs. “You’re yellow and purple. To back up, an aura is energy around people. We all feel energy around people all of the time; we all read each other.”

“100%,” Stassi agrees. “There are feelings that I get in my friends or my boyfriend or my family. They will not believe me when I say, ‘I have a reason that I feel uncomfortable, I can’t tell you what it is, and I need to be out of this situation right now.’ There’s never proof, though.”

“Well, you’re purple and yellow, the purple being intuitive, artistic and creative. So you’re better at reading people than others, like who aren’t that color. You pick up things that aren’t logical. They’re feelings, and they’re emotional,” Michaela says. “But then you’re yellow. That’s a cool combo, because yellow people are organized, they’re together. That’s why you like event planning and being able to put a space or an aesthetic together… that’s the yellow. But you merge them, so they work together. So the whole thing about you getting feelings, that’s because you’re purple. You’re a good energy reader.”

“That’s interesting,” Stassi says.

“It’s a good combo,” Michaela says. “It’s pretty equal.”

“Can you try to describe what an aura color looks like to us commoners?” Stassi asks.

“I see it like I see your hair color,” Michaela explains. “On you, it goes out from your energy field, like a halo. A halo around your head, your shoulders. And once I start tuning in, I get messages, so then there’s another level. During readings, I’ll see imbalances in the aura, and for some reason I can tell why you should have more this and less of that. And then I get messages, like family stuff.”

“From, like, the spirit world,” Stassi clarifies.

“Yes,” Michaela confirms. “But with the aura, it’s really good for authenticity. That’s my passion. I like to guide people on their authentic paths in life. You can’t connect with spirit and yourself unless you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing authentically. The aura is like a tool, it’s like your own life path key.”

To hear how Michaela got into mysticism, Stassi’s reading, and more, listen to the full podcast here.

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