On this episode of Straight Up With Stassi, Stassi and her bestie Katie Maloney Schwartz talk all things SUPERNATURAL (including a ghost attracted to men with facial hair)!

“I just really have the sense that we are here for a purpose.”

“On our last night when we were having dinner by the Eiffel Tower, you were talking about how you’re an old soul, and Rachael and I didn’t understand it,” Stassi says. “So me and Rachael, since I guess we were just mature kids, people would be like, ‘You’re an old soul.’ So we grew up hearing that, not knowing what it meant. So then when you were talking about being an old soul and talking about energies and what you pick up on, I was like, ‘Well we’re old souls’ and you were like, ‘No ya’ll aren’t.’ But you had a great explanation which I feel like I want you to go into.”

“Kids that are mature are just like mini-adults,” Katie says. “Some people would argue that that’s an old soul. But to me, an old soul is someone (this depends on if you believe in reincarnation) who has lived before. You’ve been in situations before. Not like a déjà vu, but in some ways you just feel like you possess a knowledge and understanding of things you haven’t experienced yet.”

“I’ve never felt anything like that before,” Stassi says. “I’m so interested in supernatural shit and spirits and all of that, but I have never felt that on my own.”

“They say that your soul, the thing that gives you you, is actually a weighted mass,” Katie explains. “That’s why, let’s say that you’re in this room alone, but there might be someone asleep in the bedroom, you feel that energy, you feel that presence. It’s not just you knowing that they’re there, it’s a different feeling because it’s actually a weighted mass. That’s why people can sense spirits and energies around them because there are still those souls that are around. I just really have the sense that we are here for a purpose.”

“Are we?” Stassi asks. “I would like to think we are.”

“I truly believe that in order for you to really pass on and for your soul to die, it has to run it’s course, which I feel expands beyond an average lifetime,” Katie says. “I just have the sense that this isn’t my first life. Me as Katie, yes, but I feel like my person as a being has lived lifetimes before. You just get these little nuggets of things that don’t make sense to you in the moment, but the intuitive nature comes in.”

“And your mom taught you that, too,” Stassi says.

“Yeah my mom was always just like, ‘Listen to your heart, listen to your gut, because it will never steer you wrong,’ and that’s what I use to guide me,” Katie says. “Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to other people but it makes sense to me because I trust it. And I don’t think that’s just me as Katie, I think that’s something that’s been garnered and conditioned over a really long time.”

“How many lives do you think you’ve had?” Stassi asks.

“I think this is like, my fourth.”


“Hey, can we sage this place?”

“Do you ever feel things when I’m around or your friends are around?” Stassi asks Katie. “Say like, when we were in Paris, or when we go places, or our apartments, do you ever feel things and then not say them because you don’t want to freak us out?”

“No, I can’t think of a time where I didn’t,” Katie answers.

“Because I mean, I brought you down to the catacombs,” Stassi jokes.

Crawled back into the cave I came out of.

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“I didn’t even feel anything there,” Katie says.

“That’s not where they died, their bodies were moved from their graves, their skeletons picked apart,” Stassi says. “I personally think that that’s not where they would chill.”

“I’m trying to think if there was ever… None of your places I’ve ever gotten weird energy from,” Katie says.

“Did you go down into the cave room that Rachael and I slept in?” Stassi asks. “Did you feel anything?”

“Yeah, that was cool,” Katie says. “No, I just felt like I was in Game of Thrones.”

“So you don’t feel things that you then keep a secret from us?” Stassi asks.

“No. I mean, people that I don’t know I would, because I don’t want them to think I’m crazy,” Katie says. “Tom gets mad when I talk about it, like sometimes I’ll wake him up and I’ll be like, ‘Bub…’ In our old place I’d do that a lot because I’d be freaked out and I just needed to talk to someone as a distraction, and he didn’t like it.”

“I wonder what that would be like if I was constantly being woken up by my partner in my apartment like, ‘Hey, there’s something here,'” Stassi says.

“Sometimes it’s nothing, sometimes it’s really good energy,” Katie says, “but if it was really bad I might be like, ‘Hey, can we sage this place?'”


“He found out that there is this spirit named ‘Lizzie.'”

“I told you what happened to my brother?” Katie asks Stassi.

“Probably but re-say it because I’m not sure which story you’re talking about,” Stassi says.

“So he’s a photographer and works in real estate,” Katie begins. “He was shooting a beautiful condo in Park City. It’s very historic, it was a mining town. I took you to the old cemetery. So there’s a lot of history there. So this condo was in a building that I think at one point… I won’t say it was a brothel, but… when you hear this story you would think it happened in some old, haunted, rickety house in the middle of the woods. No, this place was posh and fancy as fuck. But no one wanted to stick around there. Someone would last a week. My brother had shot it before and he heard voices, especially in the bathroom of the master bedroom and it really creeped him out. But he had to do his job. But afterward he was doing research and he found out that there’s this spirit named ‘Lizzie’ and she was a prostitute and she particularly likes men with facial hair. And Rocky has a full-on beard. She likes to get their attention. Supposedly what happened was she was married to someone, and her husband came in and caught her with a client and shot them both. Murdered them. So she still hangs out there…”


To hear the rest of this story, listen to the full podcast!


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