On this episode of  Straight Up With Stassi, Taylor Strecker joins Stassi to chat about how they became friends, pop culture lingo, and GoT, obvi.

“I like people who tell it like it fuckin’ is.”

“I think we bonded over honesty,” Stassi says.

“It was like, authenticity,” Taylor agrees. “But we both love to talk shit.”

“But we also like to talk about everything,” Stassi says.”

“That’s true. You know what? That’s an unfair assessment of it,” Taylor says. “It’s not shit talking, it’s real talking.”

“Exactly,” Stassi agrees. “It’s not sugar-coating anything, it’s not being scared to say the wrong thing, it’s just being able to be yourself. I think right away when we met each other, it was like, ‘Oh, we can be ourselves.'”

“Well, I was in a crazy place, and you were in a crazy place, and I remember you came over to my crazy home, and we went outside to hang out,” Taylor recalls. “We were alone talking, and your recounting of what was going on in your life was very different than your significant other’s at the time, who was hanging out with my was-band. When I got back to the apartment, he was like, ‘Oh my God, Stassi is getting engaged!’ And I was like, ‘What? I think Stassi is moving back to California.’ You really confided in me and trusted me with that. I was on the radio, on Sirius at that time, and we were new friends, and you were newly on vacation from a reality show. So that was a lot of trust to tell me that. I could have been considered at that time an equivalent of a gossip columnist, so I could have easily been like, ‘Oh, she told me, let me tell you…’ Which I didn’t. But I was like, ‘Oh my God, that was such a real moment,’ and I guess that really bonded us. I like people who tell it like it fuckin’ is. I don’t like bullshit.”

“Samesies,” Stassi agrees. “So it’s not that we bond over shit talking or bitchy-ness, it’s bonding over realness. No bullshit. Laying it out on the table. Showing people what they can expect from you.”


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