Straight Up With Stassi

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Dracarys Bitches,

Many of you guys found me through my podcast, Straight Up With Stassi, but for those of you who haven’t listened, this is the best way I know how to describe my podcast – it’s like you’re getting drunk with your best friends talking about things that only close friends talk about. I don’t want Straight Up With Stassi to ever feel like a super formal interview/radio situation… I want people to feel like they always have a friend.

My hope is that I continue doing this podcast forever and that one day it turns into something visual as well… but many of you ask it came to be so…

Here’s how my podcast started…

CBS Radio came to me 3 years ago and asked if I wanted to do a podcast. They said, “we’ll give you a 6 month trial. If it’s good, we’ll keep it and if it’s not, we won’t.” Simple as that.

At first I was like HELL-TO-THE-NO!!! I know first-hand that being on the radio is so much harder than it looks. My best friend Taylor Strecker and Patrick Meagher, who I was dating at the time, are two of the most talented people I’ve ever come in contact with in terms of radio, so I was surrounded by brilliance and so intimidated. But even though I was scared, Patrick really encouraged me to do it. He helped me come up with the name, what I would talk about, how I would structure a podcast, how to go into an interview, etc… he taught me a lot and I owe a lot to him.

The first episode of Straight Up With Stassi was with Kristina and we legit paused it like every 5 seconds. I was so neurotic. I didn’t know how to keep talking and I was like, “what do we do next?!” but now I only pause if Alfredo (my UPS guy) comes to the door or to make another cocktail!!

“Your Khaleesi”

After that first episode, I just kept going with it and it became really popular… but more importantly, it became something I love doing. Then, all the sudden, people started calling themselves “Khaleesis”!!! I remember, I had Kristina Kelly on my podcast again we were sitting on the floor in the non-air-conditioned Venice Beach shack during my Rock Bottom summer. There were gnats and bugs everywhere and it was awful… but during the podcast, Kristina Kelly said something about Khaleesis then I started getting a bunch of emails from people signing off as “your Khlaeesi” and it turned into a thing. It’s the best fucking name ever. I couldn’t ask for a better name for my squad because it’s my favorite fucking show. I can’t think of another name I would want more.


So that’s the story. One last thing thought before I leave you – I LOVE that ya’ll email and tweet me #AskStassi questions. We’ve created a Khaleesi community and I truly love reading ya’ll stories and experiences. I try to answer as many emails as possible, and sometimes I even share them HERE or read them on my podcast! Always feel free to email me at or tweet me your questions using #askstassi!!


Main photo credit: Martina Tolot

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