On this episode of Straight Up With Stassi, Beau joins to chat about RHONY, Kristen’s Nashville birthday, and the ongoing Kardashian/Woods scandal.

“We had a shitload of fun at Tootsies.”

“It’s been a week, and I’ve been wanting to talk about this,” Stassi says. “I know a week is a long time in pop culture world — I’m talking about Jordan Woods’ interview.”

“My God, that was weird,” Beau says.

“It was weird,” Stassi agrees. “Okay so, we all went to Nashville for Kristen’s birthday party. First of all, Kristen is worse than me about birthdays. I feel like we celebrated Kristen’s birthday for a really long time. So I’m not going to let anyone tell me that I’m just a princess on my birthday. We all are. You’re even worse than Kristen and me combined. He celebrates his birthday a lot. For days.”

“I don’t sit there and demand people to go there,” Beau argues.

“No, you don’t, but you want to celebrate it every day for a while,” Stassi responds.

“Sorry that there is so much stuff to do around my birthday,” Beau says. “St. Patrick’s Day we have a lot of fun. I have to go out for my birthday. I have to go out before, because what if my birthday is on a Monday? I have to go out the weekend before. Then, maybe I want to do something kind of nice. Sorry I like fun!”

“I’m not mad at it,” Stassi adds. “I love a good birthday celebration.”

“It’s my birthdaaaaaaay,” Beau mocks.

“You know it,” Stassi says. “And so, Kristen planned this awesome, awesome trip to Nashville for pretty much the whole cast of Vanderpump Rules, her family, her best friends from home, her other friends from L.A. and other places.”

“There were 20 of us,” Beau says.

“She wanted to see Fleetwood Mac, that was her whole thing,” Stassi explains. “I’m really glad she finally got to have a trip, because Kristen has never been able to have a birthday trip. So she was due for this. But… I was hungover more than I had ever been in my entire life that Friday when the Jordan Woods interview with Jada Pinkett Smith on The Red Table came out. I can’t remember the last time I was that hungover. I think it’s because I love a good theme, so I wanted to be on theme, and I’m like, ‘I’m in Nashville, I’m going to have whiskey — whiskey sours, jack and diet…'”

“I told you, ‘Only do two Old Fashioneds,’ because there’s so much sugar in it, and that’s what kicked your ass,” Beau reminds her.

“Yeah,” Stassi says. “I woke up the last day on Friday throwing up, I couldn’t think straight, I thought about staying in Nashville another night because I was like, ‘I can’t get on a plane. I physically can’t do this.’ Katie and I were going to New York. Beau and Schwartz were flying back to L.A. I’m telling you Beau, I wish you felt worse for me that day. Because it was really, really rough.”

“The reason why is because we had a shitload of fun at Tootsies,” Beau says.

“It was really, really fun. That was one of the most fun trips ever. I liked every part of it.”

“That was the only thing Jordan Woods got right.”

“No hangover was going to keep me away from this Kardashian situation,” Stassi says. “The second that it went live on Facebook… So Katie and Schwartz had joining rooms with us, so Katie comes rushing in and we were all texting each other, ‘Okay, are we all going to watch it?’ We all sat at the same time respectively in our own places watching the Jordan Woods interview. I have to say I’ve never been more disappointed in an interview in my whole entire life.”

“The tone of that whole show made the hangovers worse,” Beau says. “Imagine watching that show with a hangover because it’s not something fun and exciting. The tone was so like, ‘Mmm, yeah. Mmhmm, yeah. Let me pop another Xanax, Jordan, while I sit here.'”

“First of all, love the Smiths, love Will Smith, everyone knows that. But this was annoying,” Stassi says. “The first ten minutes were Jada just being like, ‘We’re really good friends with Jordan Woods, and we’re really good friends with the Kardashians.'”

“‘Here are some family photos. Oh my God, Will’s calling just to prove that he’s a family friend too!'” Beau mimics.

“I’m like, ‘I don’t give a shit, I just want to hear the answers. Did she do it or not? I want to hear what she has to say.’ After they proved how close they are, then they finally got into it, and it was like Jada was holding her hand the entire way,” Stassi says. “I’m like, ‘First of all, I feel like, watching it myself, this girl is not telling the truth.’ Not telling the truth about anything. Maybe she smoked some weed, took an edible, but whatever it was, she was not all there. And Jada kept being like, ‘So, you didn’t do this, right? Right? It must be so hard for you, how hard for you, how hard for you.’ I’m like, wait, ask the hard hitting questions. Are you still talking to Kylie? Did you move out of her apartment? When’s the last time you talked to Tristan? Did you see Khloe face-to-face?”

“Did they unfollow you?” Beau adds.

“There was none of the good Howard Stern questions,” Stassi says.

“‘Well, um, I was sitting next to him, just next to him, and he had his feet on the floor, and I put my feet on the bottom of his legs, his shins, and then I was just sitting there,'” Beau mimics Jordan. “I was like, ‘There is too much description in that to make it the truth,’ and it’s weird.”

“The only thing that she got right in that interview was saying, ‘Moral of the story, I should not have even been there,'” Stassi says. “That was the only thing Jordan Woods got right. No bitch, you shouldn’t have been there. Khloe is like a sister to you. These girls are sisters to you.”


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