The Witches of Weho Debut POTION #1 PINOT GRIGIO

On this episode of Straight Up With Stassi, Katie and Kristen join Stassi to talk all about the launch of their new wine, Potion #1!

“I never talk to myself.”

“So, our wine came out today,” Stassi says. “I got so many comments being like, ‘If Katie doesn’t come out with her own tequila, it’s a waste of a show.'”

“Same, Katie,” Kristen agrees.

“Um, you know what? Maybe there is something in the works for that. There actually is,” Katie confirms.

“So, boom,” Stassi says.

“Ya heard it here first,” Kristen adds.

“It’s better than what you think it would be,” Katie says.

“I thought you were going to say, ‘It’s better than wine,'” Stassi says.

“No no no! It’s very, very different,” Katie clarifies. “For different occasions, for different moods. Everyone needs a little Tequila Katie with them at all times.”

“Alright, so to the people that tweeted and commented to me, if you’re listening to this podcast…” Stassi says. “You know when I do this podcast, I feel like I’m talking to aliens. I’m like, ‘Do people actually listen to this shit?'”

“Is there anyone out there?” Katie adds.

“It feels so narcissistic to just be talking into this microphone and not seeing an audience, and just being like, ‘You guys! Hey Khaleesis! Welcome to Straight Up With Stassi, I hope someone is listening right now,'” Stassi says.

“I have so many practice conversations alone anyway,” Katie says. “At least you speak into a microphone and you put this out into the interwebs for people to listen to.”

“You just talk to yourself?” Stassi asks.

“With no microphone,” Katie confirms.

“Do you really?” Stassi asks. “Like, when you’re alone?”

“Mhm, when I drive, in the shower… that’s how I work out all of my thoughts — out loud,” Katie explains. “People do this all the time! I’m not the only one. You never do this?”

“I never talk to myself,” Stassi says.

“I do, especially in my car,” Kristen adds.

“What do you say!?” Stassi shouts.

“I like to work out my voice, and figure out, ‘Am I going to talk like this?’ or, ‘Am I going to talk like THIS?'” Kristen says.

“Mine is more like a diary, it’s like how people diary or journal, but I do it out loud, by myself,” Katie explains.

“Ya’ll, I feel like this is something that people who watch ‘Vanderpump Rules’ need to know, they want to know this,” Stassi says. “I’ve never talked to myself, ever.”

“Ya’ll, it’s really good.”

“It does feel like our birthdays,” Stassi says, going back to the launch of Potion #1.

“Ya’ll, it’s really good,” Katie says, and they all laugh.

“It’s good, it’s really good,” Katie continues. “Even if you don’t typically like white wine.”

“It’s true! I’ll just give some back story,” Stassi says. “So, we’ve always wanted to do something together, and we thought about wine before just because it makes so much sense. Back in the day when we couldn’t afford anything, we would choose wine over eating.”

“Like, write about what you know…” Katie says.

“Do what you know!” Stassi agrees. “We know wine. It’s the main thing that we have in common.”

“You turned 21 when you were at SUR, when I met you, and we were drinking Pinot Grigio,” Kristen says. “That was our wine.”

“We had a Sav Blanc moment,” Katie adds.

“We totally did,” Stassi agrees.

“We moved toward that, we did,” Kristen says. “But it started with the Pinot Grigio.”

“But we said we wanted to do something together, and we were approached by Nocking Point — this membership wine club,” Stassi explains. “They said, ‘We love the idea of the Witches of Weho doing a wine together,’ and we were like, ‘We’ve always thought this too!’ so stars aligned and we vibed with this company so well and started the whole process of making our own wine and creating Potion #1. It’s the only thing that us three have ever 100% agreed on, like every aspect of it.”

“Yeah, you’re absolutely right,” Kristen says. “It’s just perfect because this is the one thing that we are all super passionate about together, and we knew exactly branding-wise the label. When we did that, it’s like we shared a brain.”

“We 100% shared a brain,” Stassi agrees.

“It’s the only time we’re ever going to say that we shared a brain,” Katie adds. “Right guys?”

“Right!” Stassi says.

“You’re right,” Kristen adds.

“We left our first meeting, and we were like, ‘We’re in, this is a company we want to do business with, we vibe with them, they understand us, we understand them,'” Stassi explains.

“Shoutout to Nocking Point because the first meeting that we had, they literally went, ‘What kind of wine do the three of you want to make? What do you want the label to look like? This is your baby,'” Kristen says.

“There was no, like, ‘We have some stuff for you guys,'” Stassi adds.

“It was like, ‘You pick the kind of wine, then we’ll do a wine-tasting with the wines we have of that kind,’ and we were just like, ‘We want this shit to launch ASAP, and we know we want a Pinot Grigio.’ And it happened very quickly,” Kristen says. “So I’m very, very proud to partner with them, because they gave us the guidance and they gave us an open floor for creativity.”

“We all agreed on exactly the wine that we wanted,” Stassi says. “We wanted it to taste like water. We wanted it to go down so easily. We didn’t need anyone pursing their lips when they took a taste of it. It’s not like, ‘Oh this pairs well just with this fucking fish.’ No, this is some shit you can have wherever you are, without eating, with eating, with your friends, with your boyfriend, with your girlfriend, alone, in your car once you’ve already parked it, crying… Whatever.”

“It’s for everyone,” Katie says. “It pairs with every kind of food great, but it pairs with ‘Vanderpump Rules’ best.”


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