On this episode of Straight Up With Stassi, Stassi honors her late grandmother Rosemary.

“To have a life so full.”

“We started filming ‘Vanderpump Rules’ this week. I flew home after seeing her and spending the weekend with her, and talking to her, and having my goodbyes with her, and I was like, ‘What would she want? What would she want me to do?’ All I keep thinking is that she would want me to get dressed up, look chic AF, put on some jewelry, a cute outfit, do my hair and makeup, look great, and get to work. And do what I need to do. Because that is life. That is life. We all have things we need to do, and time doesn’t stop. People’s lives don’t stop for someone else. You have to just pull it together and be the best version of yourself.”

“So this week, I’ve been trying to think every day, ‘What would my grandma Rosemary do?’ And so I’ve put on cute outfits, and I’ve made a promise to myself that I’m going to wear something of hers every single day this summer. Basically, jewelry, because my grandmother was a jewelry hoarder, and had the best jewelry. She loved a good chunky necklace, a good chunky earring, a good chunky bracelet, and a good chunky ring, all in the same color. She’d wear them all at the same time. I realized earlier when I was a fan of the monochromatic look, I got this from my grandmother. I got my style from my grandmother. I mention that in my book. She loved a monochromatic look. I mean, let’s just throw out burgundy. A burgundy colored outfit — a burgundy colored coat, pants, a necklace that was burgundy. A ring that was burgundy, a matching Chanel bag that was burgundy. Shoes, pretty much burgundy. She was the chicest person that I knew, and I like to think that I’m carrying that on for her.”

“But death is such a weird thing because at the same time while you’re thinking, ‘What would this person want me to do?’ you’re also mourning them, and you’re conflicted. This is the first time that I’ve experienced a death like this, with somebody that is so close to me. It feels hard to breathe. My grandfather passed away five years ago, and it was of course so incredibly sad, but when you’re so close to someone and they pass away, and you’re there to have those conversations, you’re there to speak your last truths to each other… it’s such a blessing in such a wonderful way. My grandmother was so lucky and had the best full life. She had six children who went on to have 17 grandchildren and then great-grandchildren, and she passed away surrounded by her family members and her children and people who would drop anything for her, and just did that, held her hand, pet her head, massaged her, spoke to her. All of that. And as devastating as that is, it is so beautiful, and so wonderful to be like, ‘That’s possible.’ To have a life so full, and to live so long, and to have provided life for so many people. It makes me want to go and have triplets right away. She lived and passed the way anyone would dream of passing.”


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