Ever wondered what Stassi was like in high school? On this episode of Straight Up with Stassi, one of her best childhood friends, Alex Stafford, is here to tell you!!

“Such a rebel.”

“Alex’s Dad coined the phrase, ‘Stassi’s Posse.’ I didn’t make that shit up,” Stassi says. “For a little while, I thought, ‘Did that actually happen?’ Because we weren’t cool in high school… We went to an all-girls Catholic school.”

“We did,” Alex says. “You were the coolest one in our group, I have to say.”

“Our group was like five people though, and we grew up together, so that doesn’t really count,” Stassi says. “We weren’t like a real group. I’m just going to give some backstory. And chime in, Alex, interrupt me if you want.”

“Well, can we start with the brown checkered skirts? They went past our knees,” Alex recalls.

“And we had to kneel for the nuns for them to measure them to see if they were okay, otherwise we’d get a demerit if they were too short,” Stassi says. “We had nasty-ass brown checkered skirts, white buttons downs, brown loafer-y tie-up shoes.”

“This was all-girls Catholic school, to a T,” Alex says.

“Honestly though, I kind of loved it because it made me look forward to the weekend when I could put together outfits,” Stassi says. “And I always accessorized, like, I had a flower in my hair…”

“Some things never change,” Alex jokes.

“I felt like I would decorate… I would change my nail polish and I would get in trouble for that because we couldn’t wear nail polish,” Stassi says. “I’d put on jewelry. Makeup wasn’t allowed but I would kind of skirt around it. I’d be like, ‘I have eyeliner on the inside of my eye but you can’t tell!’”

“Such a rebel,” Alex says.


“We’re this threesome, loyal, little clique.”

“In high school, everyone that we met, all the girls, they were going to football games, going to parties, drinking beer, making out with boys,” Stassi remembers. “Everyone was stereotypically high school cool.”

“And we were not,” Alex says.

“At all,” Stassi agrees. “The way you could figure out who was in who’s group was by lunch tables. The lunch tables held about ten people. So most groups had about 10 people in them. We had about, four or five.”

“There was four of us,” Alex says. “It was me, you, Shannon, and Amelie.”

“Amelie joined a little late. Jamie left us,” Stassi recalls. “Me, you and Shannon were like, ‘You can’t break us.’ It honestly kind of reminds me of… And I know you don’t watch Vanderpump because you don’t like to see me on TV…”

“It’s scary seeing you on TV because I know you, and seeing you on TV is just surreal to me,” Alex says. “I can’t get it through my head that you’re on the tube.”

“No one calls it that,” Stassi laughs.

“I call it the tube,” Alex defends herself.

“If you did watch it… I have two best friends here, Katie and Kristen and we’re this threesome, loyal, little clique. We’re our own lunch table and you can’t break us,” Stassi says. “We fight, we get in arguments, we go a week without talking and things happen of course, but it reminds me of the way me, you and Shannon were in high school.”

“Doesn’t matter how much time has passed, we can pick up wherever we left off,” Alex says.

“Maybe that’s a thing,” Stassi says. “Maybe I just really like having a small little crew. What does that say about me?”

“It means that you are genuine in your relationships…” Alex says.

“But does it mean that I just like to boss people around and only two people will let me do it? I’m joking,” Stassi laughs. “Katie and Kristen don’t let me boss them around. It sucks ass. They used to. They don’t anymore. Shannon didn’t let me boss her around. I tried, but she had to be a contrarian all the time.”

“Stassi was a rule breaker of sorts.”

“When we went to school, my mom was the best, she would check me out whenever I wanted,” Stassi says. “I would call her during P.E. like, ‘Mom, I hate P.E., it really sucks, you know I make straight A’s and I do everything that I need to do, I’m a responsible kid, can you just come pick me up? I don’t want to run two miles.’ I was such a lazy ass. But then it got to the point where I was like, ‘But Mom, can you check me AND Alex out?’ She would just come and be like, ‘Alright, I have to check out Alex and Stassi.’ We would go home, watch French Kiss with my mom, you’d clean.”

“Stassi was a rule breaker of sorts,” Alex says.

“Oh, I know where you’re going with this,” Stassi says. “It’s not that I’m a rule breaker, I actually do follow rules. I think rules are there for a reason. I don’t cut in front of people in line. I’m respectful. If I have to be somewhere at a certain time because it’s my job, I follow the rules.”

“We went to an all girls Catholic school where there were a lot of rules,” Alex explains. “If your socks were rolled down you would get in trouble. You had to have everything in the right place at all times.”

“So then it just got a little exhausting,” Stassi says. “So I’m like, ‘Okay, I know that I’ll make straight A’s, I know I’ll be a good student, I’m going to do what I’m supposed to do, but there are something things I know I can skate over.’ They made it hard to miss class without your parents checking you out. You had to get a sheet of paper to get certain teachers to sign, and then you had to get another sheet for somebody else to sign. You could miss the first class without getting caught. I remember getting those two forms; I stole one of each. I remember getting copies and having them in my purse so I was able to get out. Then, because we were able to skip first period, I would either sleep in my car or I would go and hide in the dressing room of the drama theater area.”

To hear what happened when Alex tried to pull this off like Stassi did, listen to the rest of the podcast now!!


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