On this episode of Straight Up With Stassi, Taylor Strecker joins Stassi to talk about the Game of Thrones finale. Dracarys, bitches.

“Vanderpump is Game of Thrones.”

“I don’t mind when people come for us, because we’re not always going to have the best year ever,” Stassi says about Vanderpump Rules. “That’s life! It’s not always going to be a cheating scandal. We’re in our eighth year. I understand if a season isn’t a person’s cup of tea or something they want to watch or if they’re like, ‘It’s different!’ That’s life. That’s life.”

“But I — you’ll be so proud — I think it was on my podcast, sorry, shameless plug, Taste of Taylor, people were saying this season: eh, the reunion: fantastic, and I said, ‘You know what? Vanderpump is Game of Thrones,'” Taylor explains.

“It is, it is,” Stassi whispers in agreement.

“I was like, when Game of Thrones does not phenomenal, but great, which is still great, people are like, ‘It’s not perfect! I’m so mad!’ I was like, Vanderpump is at the top of it’s game, so even when they give you a great season, because it’s not like, Faith-gate 1000 times over, they’re like, ‘It was boring.’ No, it’s never boring, it’s always phenomenal, it’s just the Game of Thrones effect.”

“I love that. Should we just end my podcast here and say fuck everyone? Because I’m really, really into that,” Stassi laughs. “But, it kind of is. There are so many of us, there are so many characters, they’re always changing alliances, and all of the sudden you’re like, ‘What’s going on here? Was not expecting that.’ All of the undercover Reddit ideas and theories that we had like Game of Thrones are not happening the same way they thought Vanderpump Rules would. It’s like, kind of similar.”

“Isn’t that a genius parallel? For that alone I’m so happy that I caught up with Game of Thrones,” Taylor says. “But I feel like that’s the thing. You’re a fan of Game of Thrones, and so even though you want to come down on it, you still know it’s great.”

“Oh, of course,” Stassi agrees. “I do want to say, and every time I have spoken about it in any interview or podcast or to anyone even in the privacy of my own home, just in case the FBI is listening or somebody, I always say, ‘Listen, even though I didn’t like this season, every episode was still better than any other show on television.'”


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